Losing It Not All Bad

Lots of things are going away.

In a crowded restaurant or party it sucks to have to strain to hear the person talking four feet away. Yeah, I’m losing my hearing.

A flight of stairs causes me to pause at the top. Yeah, I’m losing my breath.

A familiar face from years ago is just that and nothing more. Yeah, I’m losing my memory.

I used to love the wonderful aromas of soup cooking, garlic sauce mixed in veggies or meat. Yeah, I’m losing my sense of smell. I could take a bath in garlic and only the rest of the world would know.

Here’s the really GOOD news.  When we are in our prime we have between 10,000 and 15,000 taste buds.  Most medical studies show someone my age has between 3,000 and 5,000 taste buds left. Yeah, I’m losing my taste.

Why is it good news, you say?

Because, our first sense of taste as a baby is the last one we lose and that is the SWEET taste buds.  Yeah, I’m craving candy.

Growing up, my brother and I saw candy in our house twice a year…Halloween and Easter…period.  My mom told us that candy would rot our teeth and give us diabetes and maybe even leprosy and gout.  Whatever she said stuck with us both. We were never big candy eaters.

Now, I go the store for groceries and I find myself looking at all the amazing candy selections. I check out candy. I read about chocolate.  I also peruse the cookies, sorbet, and gelatos.


Baby Ruth Purchased Feb. 2005 in USA

Baby Ruth Purchased Feb. 2005 in USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago I bought a bag of those little mini-bars and one of the candies was Baby Ruth. I found myself sitting at the piano playing and singing “Rose and a Baby Ruth.”  Only a very few of you know that tune.  I never liked Baby Ruth candy bars…ever.  Now, I love them.


I looked up ads for these little jewels from years past and suddenly I have a new lease on life. I know longer have to lose my breath…Baby Ruth will give me energy.  I believe if I eat enough of them I will gain back my hearing, too.

Check it out…Ads don’t lie.


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One Response to Losing It Not All Bad

  1. Joan Raymond says:

    I was never a Baby Ruth fan myself. I’m more of a Snickers fan. I love the ad and it just gives me enough motivation to try a Baby Ruth one more time. After all, I could use a bit more energy and mental alertness. Who knew a candy bar would solve all of my problems.

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