What I Learned This Week

Poor Hydrox cookies. For years I blamed them for ripping off Oreo cookies. Who would want to buy a rip-off?  Now I’ve found Hydrox was ripped off by Oreo. Hydrox have been around since 1908, Oreo’s since 1912. My bad.

I just heard the original names of Mickey and Minnie Mouse were supposed to be Mortimer and Minerva. I was able to make the song come out right by singing four letters instead of three. Mort-imer M-o-u-s-e. Still doesn’t feel right…glad they went to Mickey.


Remember Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s little daughter, Scout? Well, she’s a big girl now and pissed off at Instagram. They shut her account down for indecency. To protest she walked around naked in New York City. I bet they’re sorry now.

I found out Beverly Hills was once a huge lima bean field. Hmmmmm.

I saw an ad for “neuticals.” They are synthetic testicles for neutered animals. The ad said, “It’s like nothing ever changed.”  Oh yeah?  Ask my cat if he agrees.

Speaking of cats…I know, I know, not another damn YouTube cat video. Okay, just one more.
Some dude in Russia plays the Russian National Anthem and his cat sits “at attention.” It’s only 50 seconds and then you can get on with your weekend.  Do have a great one!



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One Response to What I Learned This Week

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Presumably neuticals are marketed to the same people who think their trucks need balls.

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