The 10 Worst Jobs in 2014

Can you guess? First there has to be some criteria in making these choices of best and worst.

Here’s what the group “CareerCast” used to measure 200 jobs in the USA in 2014. We already know that money doesn’t buy happiness and to be a good job there has to be more than a high salary. The four core criteria they used to measure each job are:

1) environment           2) income          3) outlook        4) stress.

In each category there is a wide range of sub-categories directly related to the core. When measuring environment, that would include physical demands, stamina and many more. Under the stress category there are many subs including  travel, working in the public eye, deadlines, life at risk, etc.

The statistics came from the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, as well as labor firms, private surveys and others.

Out of 200 jobs measured with these criteria the 10 worst jobs in America in 2014 are:

10) Corrections Officer
Routinely face danger and the environment ranks near the bottom. Growth outlook is projected  by 2022 at 5%. Median annual salary $38,970 (bet they didn’t  look at the California State Prison system which is double to triple that salary)

9) Firefighter
Dangerous situations, high stress is a natural part of daily work days. Growth outlook is projected by 2022 at 7%. Median Annual Salary $45,250.


8) Garbage Collector
Volatile job market. Bad work environment. Projected growth outlook by 2022 =10%.  Median Annual Salary $22,970

7) Flight Attendant
High Stress, low pay job. Consolidating airlines reducing staff. Projected growth outlook by 2022  = -7%. Median annual salary $37,240.

6) Head Cook
High stress environment(try getting eight different food orders to the table at the same time—cooked correctly). Lucrative opportunities do exist but rare. Projected growth outlook by 2022=5%. Median annual salary $42,480.

5) Broadcaster
High competition for few opportunities. Projected growth outlook by 2022 = 13%. Median annual salary $55,380.

4) Taxi Driver
Dangerous working conditions and stressful. Projected growth outlook by 2022 = 16%.  Median annual salary $22,820.


3) Enlisted Military Personnel
Most stressful job period. Dangerous situations. Projected growth outlook by 2022 not available data. Median annual salary $28,840.

2) Newspaper Reporter
Print publications abandoning operations. Salaries drastically cut over last 15 years. Projected growth outlook by 2022 = -13%. Median annual salary $37,090.

 And the Number One worst job in American in 2014:

1)      Lumberjack
Dangerous job in remote locations with dwindling opportunities. Projected growth outlook by 2022 = 4%. Median annual salary $24,340.

lumberjack 1

WEDNESDAY I will print the 10 Best Jobs in America for 2014.




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2 Responses to The 10 Worst Jobs in 2014

  1. fiddlrts says:

    I notice they don’t even notice the truly low end jobs that should have been on the list. Most of these come with income approaching the median, benefits, and job security. (I would argue that no government job except “soldier” has any business on a “worst jobs” list in the first place.)

    Using their own criteria, I would think that the following belong on the list.

    1. Farm worker. No job security or benefits. Real wages often below minimum wage. Risk of death or injury from dehydration, pesticides, and accidents.
    2. Tree trimmer. Same reasons as above, minus the pesticides.
    3. Roofer. Those guys pulling wood shake off of roofs in 100 degree weather have one of the few jobs that I would avoid even if it meant latrine duty. Also low wages, iffy benefits, etc.

    • bakoheat says:

      Good points. They do list the roofer as 11th worse job, farm worker 18th worse. No category for tree trimmer, but it’s very close to a lumberjack. FYI…among the 200 different job rankings, Sales Rep (my long-time career in the music industry is rated 145 (one below surveyor and three above “author” which I’m now a part of. Also, attorney is listed as # 126 (one below architect and 3 above seamstress/tailor)

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