The Ten Best Jobs in 2014

Monday was the 10 worst jobs and today, according to “Career Cast” are the best. We’ll do the count-down as Letterman would insist. Remember they are using 4 important criteria: Environment, Income, Stress and Outlook.

10) Speech Pathologist
It’s possible to be involved in education, rehab centers and other medical settings. Projected growth by 2022 =19%. Median annual salary $69,870.

9) Occupational Therapist
Aging population is growing fast. We don’t want to go to “the home” as long as these people can help us rehab our weary bones. Projected growth by 2022 = 29%. Median annual salary $75,400

8) Computer Systems Analyst
Getting more analog to digital. Please start with my doctor, I’m tired of squeezing scribbly medical history on tiny lines. Online, sir, please. Projected growth by 2022 = 25%. Median annual salary $79,680.

7) Software Engineer
21st century business technology will continue to change and become more sophisticated. Projected growth by 2022 = 22%. Median annual salary $93,350.

.6) Dental Hygienist
Flexible work schedule and heavy demand. Projected job growth by 2022 = 33%. Median annual salary $70,210.

5) Audiologist
More old farts means more hearing and balance problems. Hearing aid technology will make these devices more affordable and attractive to patients. Projected growth by 2022 = 34%. Median annual salary $69,720.

4) Actuary
I’m feeling sick – How long I got? Because of more Americans finally having Health Care coverage, this job will be in demand for a long time. Projected growth by 2022 = 26%. Median annual salary $93,680.

3) Statistician
More and more industries are demanding statistical analysis. Projected growth by 2022= 27%. Median annual salary $75, 560.

2) University Professor (Tenured)
Why I’m jealous of my son. We need these folks to get us educated. Projected job growth by 2022 = 19%. Median annual salary $68,970.

AND THE NUMBER ONE JOB IN 2014 (drum roll)

1)      Mathematician
Yes Algebra is important. Every type of industry demands these brilliant minds. Projected job growth by 2022 =23%. Median annual salary $101,360.

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