What did you mean?

While composing a writing piece I wrote a sentence that had two meanings. I laughed and changed the word and went on writing. But, I couldn’t get my mind back from that double-meaning word. I realized I had used a “contronym” and our crazy language is full of them.

I started writing contronym sentences, then Googled more contronyms and kept going.

Why should I drive myself crazy when I also have you to pester with a few contronyms?
Let the contronym-sentence writing continue:

I’m bound for New York except my feet are bound at the ankles.
I buckled to the ground when the officer asked me why I wasn’t buckled.
The school year wound up at the same time the pitcher wound up.
They told me not to eat the garnish on my plate and also told me they would garnish my paycheck.
I wanted to seed my garden but first needed to seed my pepper.
The judge said not to continue gathering evidence because he was going to continue the case.
I can run fast if I wasn’t fast to the floor.
I would continue my trip, but I continue to trip.
This variety comes from a large variety.
I turned off the alarm and the alarm went off.
The stars are out but it’s too dark out to see.
This fine fabric is fine.
It didn’t seem fair. He got a first degree murder charge for a first degree burn.
I like wearing these shoes but they are wearing out.
He said he would be here presently, but I am presently drinking without him.
I finished the bottle while she finished the dusting and he finished his homework.
As I started to go I felt my back go.
I climbed up a steep grade and she gave me my grade.
I didn’t think she would hold up when he said this is a hold up.
I have a lease I want to lease.
I am left because she left.
He’s a model student and a good model of the original.
It’s too bad we’re out of crackers while we’re out of doors.
I rent an apartment and have a house I want to rent.
I don’t sanction your sanction.
I didn’t have time to fix my faucet because the doctor wanted to fix my cat.
Scared Kitty

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