Becoming a Travel Writer

I get these emails all the time.

“If you can write a simple letter to a friend, you can become a TRAVEL WRITER. Earn big paychecks and free perks all over the world while writing about your travels.”

Then the email goes on to tell me about the six easy payments and “voila” I’m a travel writer.

Well I got a deal for you. I’m going to be a travel writer for free. No perks. No paychecks. No easy payments.

Since I will be traveling the next few weeks I will write about people, places and things. Mostly people.
I’ll write about American Airlines.
American Airlines

I’ll write about Avis.
I’ll write about Manhattan.
New York



And Virginia Beach, Charleston, Savannah, Orlando, and Fayetteville.

I’ll write about D.C.

Washington DC



I’ll write about my daughter’s tree house in the middle of Pennsylvania.

Two and one half weeks of flying, driving, and floating.

Seeing George Washington’s home. Seeing Thomas Jefferson’s home. Seeing my grand kids’ home.
Maybe helping Paula Deen’s comeback by eating some of her fried in butter and lard stuff. I’ll write about my indigestion.

So hold the fort down in Bakersfield. I’m trading dry heat for the wet/humid heat.
I’m trading no bugs for giant Palmetto bugs. (also called a stink-bug….yuk)
Palmetto Bug





It will be great fun seeing people I love. I’ll write about them too.

When I return in the middle of July I’ll be able to say, “Yesterday I couldn’t spell TRAVELWRITER and today I are one.”

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2 Responses to Becoming a Travel Writer

  1. Diane Frey says:

    Have a great vacation. I hope that you will be stopping in IN on your way home.

    • bakoheat says:

      Sorry, flying right over the place. If you look up about 1pm on Monday I’ll be 35,000 ft above you. Landing at JFK at 2:30pm. See you in October when the weather is perfecto.

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