Amsterdam and San Francisco

Both of these cities allow you to buy a painted lady. The painted ladies in San Francisco are more expensive, but the painted ladies in Amsterdam are alive.
Amsterdam Prostitutes








I still love the ones in San Francisco.

Last week the largest painted lady in San Francisco was sold. And her price was lowered by nine hundred…900 thousand dollars, that is.

She sits on Steiner Street, on the corner lined up with her six sisters. The “ladies” are one of the most photographed things in San Francisco. Here is why:
Painted Ladies in SF

One guy built all seven in 1892. After finishing the beauties he lived in this largest one, on the corner…4600 sq. ft. It sold last week for $3.1million.

The man who just sold it bought it in 1975. He paid $65,000. Nice investment, huh?

This home may look familiar to you. It should. It has been featured in about 70 movies, ads and TV shows. It was in the opening montage of Full House, the TV sitcom that ran from 1987-1995.

Owning this painted lady might be cool, but living in it would drive me crazy. The San Francisco Chronicle reported: “Maybe buying a piece of San Francisco history isn’t that appealing if thousands of tourists are taking a picture of your front door every day.”

The painted lady that is next door was the last one to be sold, ten years ago. It sold then for $1.2 million. It was the home of Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple.
Painted ladies 2

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