Plastic to Neon

I’ve never experienced claustrophobia. Monday morning I had a quickie claustrophobic brain blast.

First of all, skipping a night’s sleep doesn’t make me enthusiastic and bright…left for LAX @2 am. Our tickets were two rows from the back of an Airbus AT321 flown by American Airlines. I’ve never flown on this model Airbus. Pretty, pretty cool. It is a very long plane. First class consists of 10 seats, five on each side. They are turned at a 45 degree angle and each unit is like a mini-den. Large screen, wireless internet, free TV and movies, a small vanity table and get this…the huge leather seat folds down flat into a bed.  You then walk into “business class.” This is basically the same set-up with the lay-down seats, but smaller consoles. And they are doubled up. So there are 10 rows of two lay-down seats. Then there is the coach section. I believe there are 24 rows of six, three on a side. We were sitting in row 23. The plane has soft pink and blue lighting which highlights the plastic arched interior. Everything is plastic…ceiling, seat backs and trays, overhead bins, etc.

When I leaned over the aisle and looked up the long plastic chute to the pilot’s door, it was like a football field in a giant plastic tube. I had to shake my head and clear the weird feeling it gave me. Time for a nap…

Five and ½ hours later we were getting in a cab at JFK, heading through Jamaica-Queens neighborhoods, barreling thought the Queens tunnel and arriving at our new home for four days in Mid-town Manhattan.
We walked a few miles straining our necks at the Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, the new World Trade Center and Rockefeller Plaza.

We went to the “top of the Rock” and Amy tried to push 0ver.
top of the rock


I survived.



Hey, what are the odds of literally bumping into people from Bakersfield on the streets of Manhattan? As we were taking a backstage tour of Radio City Music Hall we bumped into one of Amy’s students from a few years back. She was there with her sister and parents on vacation like us.

English: Radio City Music Hall at Rockefeller ...

English: Radio City Music Hall at Rockefeller Center in New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And upping the odds even higher, we see them again many hours later tonight (Tues.) We were walking east on W.48th Street and they were walking west. We were stopped directly across the alley from the other Bako folks by a security guard who was keeping us away from a backstage theatre door where a limo was waiting. Out walks Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and he kindly spoke to everyone there, and then posed for pictures with the young Bako girls. I’m sure they are already posted on Facebook and many of their jealous friends can’t wait for the details. We saw the pictures and they were great.

I titled this posting as “Plastic to Neon.” I’m really dating myself. Neon? I don’t think so. Neon left Broadway and Times Square long ago. It’s gigantic, life-like, blindingly-bright, HD screens everywhere.

I can’t imagine returning to Bakersfield and seeing how ugly it would be if our huge Neon MEXICALI and WOOLGROWERS signs were now in Jumbo-tron Video Screens.

More travel chatter Friday

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  1. Great blog post! Very interesting and helpful one. Thanks for sharing

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