Today I will be seeing three grand-kids I haven’t seen for almost six years. That shouldn’t happen…ever. But, they moved as far away from Bako as one can get and still stay in the USA. Left Coast to Right Coast…2500+ miles away. Every year has been other needs to use vacation and travel time—sick mom, graduations of other grand-kids, mom to nursing home, mom birthday, etc. Finally I will be reunited with these three incredible little guys.  Whoops…not so little anymore.

I have a feeling their memory of grandpa is very strange since we had a weird adventure on one of the last nights we were together. I take responsibility for being weird already, but this adventure would have the most emotionally stable kid spinning his head around.

I’ll set the scene.
I have agreed to baby-sit for a few hours on one of their last nights in Bako. I am very excited about this alone-time with the three boys, so no problem. Their mom and dad had a thing to go to and my wife had a thing to go to. I planned a fun night with a Disney DVD and popcorn and laughter.

The youngest grandchild was still crawling and the wires behind the tv/stereo/dvd were a target to pull on—that required minor maintenance—just pick him up and reroute him. The seven-year old and four-year old were ready to settle into the movie and popcorn. Grandpa needed to pop the corn.

I think I micro-popped about four, maybe five bags of corn and filled this huge plastic bowl. I got their sippy-cups filled with juice and the movie was already playing to keep them occupied while I prepared the stuff and re-routed the little crawler.

By the way, these might be the three cutest guys anyone has ever seen.

Here comes Grandpa into the den with the huge bowl of popcorn. Grandpa catches his sandal on the edge of the coffee table and takes a dive into the recliner.

My fall was stopped by my nose on the arm of the recliner. My nose was busted and blood starting pouring…the right word is squirting…mostly into the huge bowl of popcorn.  Bloody popcorn!

Of course, Chase, the little crawler had no idea what was happening…yet. The other two boys looked like they had just witnessed a train wreck….cause they had. Seeing the blood-filled popcorn made for loud…Ewwwwwwwes. This caused Chase to look up from the floor to Gram-pa who’s face and shirt were now covered with blood. He re-acted as any baby who is looking at that site. I believe it was loud…Wahhhhhhhhhhhs.

I grabbed a wet dish-towel and kept smiling and saying everything is fine…everything is ok. I laid back in the bloody recliner. stopping the bleeding with the dish towel, kept my head back and told them we’d have more popcorn later.

There was only three or four more hours of babysitting to go.

This is the last memory of Grandpa. Today an older, wiser and still very weird Grandpa arrives in Orlando six years later. I hope I don’t trip on anything.
three boys

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  1. fiddlrts says:

    That’s hilarious.

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