Matching Day Month Year Numbers

There’s a better than average chance the information you are about to receive from these special dates in history will be of no value to you.

On this date in history, Mt. Rushmore was dedicated. The big event in NYC was the premier of “King Kong.” This is the day before FDR is inaugurated and the banks in Washington State are closed (because of huge run on them. The day after FDR’s inauguration he declared a 10-day national bank holiday as the depression worsened.

British troops capture Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
The big movie of the day was “Cover Girl” with Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly. The number one song on the radio was “Besame Mucho” by Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra.

Number one song on Billboard was “Sincerely” by the McGuire Sisters. (They are something like my 4th cousins twice removed)
Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier, was rocking out on TV.
Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron were starring in Daddy Long Legs at the Cinema.

Cover of "Daddy Long Legs"

Cover of Daddy Long Legs













NFL and AFL merge.
Percy Sledge was #1 on the charts with “When a Man Loves a Woman.”
I adopted a dog and named him “Beast.” He only bit Christians.

The day Kingston Jamaica came to a halt. Schools and businesses closed.
Marcus Garvey was Jamaica’s first political hero. His life story is a wild one and worth a read. For my purpose I wanted to point out that he made a prediction that on July 7, 1977 (7-7-77)  when two sevens clash it would cause great chaos.

In one of the finest marketing schemes in history, one year earlier, singer Joseph Hill, released the debut album of reggae-band “Culture.” It was titled “Two Sevens Clash.” The album was marketed by Joseph Hill saying he also had a vision of that fateful day and he also said there would be chaos and past injustices would be avenged. What was chaotic was the huge sales of the album. It made “Culture” a favorite for many years in Jamaica and around the world.

Nothing really strange happened except it did hit 88 degrees in NYC on 8/8/88.  It was also the day the Russian troops pulled out of Afghanistan.
The long-suffering fans of the Chicago Cubs looked forward to this historic date as the Cubs were set to play their first ever night game at Wrigley Field. It was rained out in the 4th inning.
What ever happened to the Cubs?


Some predicted computers would go wacko, but that didn’t happen.  The band, “Daft Punk” stated that they were working on their sampler album when at exactly at 9:09am on 9/9/99, their sampler blew up. When they regained consciousness they had become robots.
In other music news, the number one song on the charts was “Baby One More Time” and was performed at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC (say it isn’t so) by Britney Spears. Here is a picture of her performing on that night.  Brittany Spears Sept 9 1999
What ever happened to Britney Spears?


A federal judge ruled “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was unconstitutional.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates called kooky pastor Terry Jones and asked him NOT to have his 15 minutes of fame extended by burning the Koran. He didn’t. What ever happened to Terry Jones?
In media news, Univision announced they had pulled in the highest television ratings of viewers aged 18 to 49. Previously they had won the ratings for the entire month of July. A Republican congressman said he didn’t know there were that many non-English speaking citizens.
What ever happened to the Republican Party?
Republcan elephant

Huge wedding day in Vegas.
One hundred years ago (11/11/1911) a tornado struck Janesville, Wisconsin killing 20 people. This year many people are scared of another horrible happening. Luckily only a few bad decisions to marry in Vegas happened.
Exactly nine months ago was Valentine’s Day, 2011….hmmmm.
This day was also honored as “Nigel Tufnel” day. Think about it, Spinal Tap Fans.
J.Edgar (Leonardo) opened at the Cinema and Kelly Clarkson went to #1 with “Mr. Know It-All.”

Finally, the last time we mess with the day, month and year’s silly matching numbers. The last matching numbers of this century.
The first ever Tweet by a Pope.
I fell asleep and missed the 12th minute and the 12th second of the 12th day, 12th months of the 12th year of this century.
“Diamonds” by Rihanna was #1. “Skyfall” the latest James Bond Thriller was tops at the box office.
Most of the news was about the Mayan Calendar just a week or so away from ending. The world was probably coming to an end.
I fell asleep and missed it.

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  1. fiddlrts says:

    What happened to 2-2-22?

  2. Joan Raymond says:

    I love the creativity of your posts – interesting tidbits, fun facts, or something for the reader to think about. Reading your blog is always time well-spent.

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