Drop-Box Blues Band

Hey everybody, come on out to the Marketplace—right here in Bakersfield—tomorrow night—-7—9 pm and enjoy some blues. Swinging Blues, Country Blues, Rocking Blues, Jazzy Blues and good old Blues Blues.

The Fat Daddy Blues Band has been Bakersfield’s own home-town blues band (you know—the “other” Bakersfield Sound) for about 16 years. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with these guys for over 11 years.
BUT…sometimes stuff happens. Like tomorrow night….our wonderful musical director, guitar player, and singer-songwriter, Laurence, is off in Denver, Colorado doing his company’s business.  So now what do we do?

I’m very lucky to know so many great musicians in this part of the country. One of the best singers and greatest guitar player I’ve ever heard in my life is driving down from Fresno—on a rare night off—to sit in with us and entertain you. His name is AC Myles and I hope you take this opportunity to check him out.

Now when someone is “sitting-in” with a strange band that has their own tunes, arrangements and way of doing things, it can present a problem.  Likewise for us, we have this world traveler who has played with the best of the best and he has his own tunes, arrangements and way of doing things.

No way we could get together over the last few weeks…I was on the East Coast for 18 days, our drummer was in the state of Washington for a few weeks…rehearsal was out of the question.

Good Old Drop Box.  Yep, A.C. put his tunes in a drop box and we put our tunes in the same drop box and we each had our own private rehearsal via our computers/tablets or smart phones.

And tomorrow we get to find out if we did our jobs.  I can’t wait.

By the way, if you want to check out the great AC Myles….click and watch and listen.

See you tomorrow night

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