Strange Goings On

I’ve been a Yahoo user since they first started yodeling. It’s my home page and I like their sports, weather and finance news. I don’t use their search engine. I’m a Googler. And I have a “Chrome” page full of apps.

A few months back, I received an email from Yahoo (in my Gmail box) and asked if I would be interested in taking part in a series of studies and questionnaires regarding my computer use. I replied, Heck Yes, and I instantly became a designated “Yahoo Yodeler.”

Seriously that’s what we are called. We Yodelers helped in picking out the newest “yahoo” logo.
yahoo logo

We also tested new formatting of their video app and many other things. Currently I am also a beta-tester for Yahoo of some new Android apps, but that’s another story.

Being called a “yodeler” is pretty kooky. I realized I hadn’t heard that stupid Yahoo commercial on radio for a long time…you know, the one where it ends with the guy yodeling…Yaaaaaaahooooo.

In checking out what happened to the real yodeling, I found another crazy story. It seems the original yodeler is named Wylie Gustafson. He was paid a flat rate of $590 to record his “yaaahoooo.”

Wylie must have went crazy hearing that commercial every time he turned around so he sued Yahoo a dozen years ago for more money.

I just read he settled for an undisclosed amount. I feel better now, but still, I’m an unpaid yodeler. Anybody else out there a yodeler?


I wanted to share a musical treat (Just 2 minutes….you can spare that). My Hoosier buddy sent it to me. I have started saving my empty beer bottles, but I’m not sure I can get the rest of our band to join me.

Check out the Bottle Brothers…fantastic stuff! (It’s OK…it’s church music)

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