Third Language

We all know the most common 2nd language in the USA is Spanish. But what is the third most common spoken language where you live?

Slate featured this interesting US map showing each state and the THIRD most common spoken language. I knew what it was in Texas. I thought I knew what it was in California. Boy, was I wrong.

Before glancing down to the bottom, make a guess.

I  even missed the answer in my birth-state. I thought the 3rd most common language spoken in Indiana was hillbilly. Sorry, that one’s second.



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5 Responses to Third Language

  1. C’mon, man! “Hillbilly”???? That’s Kentucky and Tennessee. Here it’s pure Redneck.

  2. fiddlrts says:

    I would have guessed correctly for California, but some of the others are puzzling. What’s up with all the French in places like North Carolina? West Virginia? And who knew Nebraska was a hotbed of Vietnamese?

  3. The only one I found unusual was Arabic in Michigan.

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