Late Night in Your Town

What does your main-drag look like at 11 pm on a typical Hot-August Friday night?

If it’s Las Vegas, there is traffic inching along Las Vegas Boulevard with thousands of people on the streets walking to the next lucky machine and tens of thousands already inside the neon and glass.

If your place is Times Square in NYC, it’s also packed with thousands of people.

There is no “happening” place in Los Angeles. At 11 pm on a typical Friday night, there are hundreds of thousands of folks out and about, but they are spread out over a vast area.

Bourbon Street in New Orleans would be packed with people, as it has been for decades.

Can you name any other “happening” down-towns?

How about Nashville? Yeah, Nashville.

This town I’m visiting has changed so much its scary. It has a whole new personality from the laid-back-jazzy-country music scene I used to visit in many summers of the ‘90s and early ‘oughts.’

The old-time places that are legends have been shined up, and commercialized. Nashville is like a Las Vegas without casinos.  The legendary Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge has been gussied-up inside, a second story opened and a third story is in the future. It doesn’t feel like the little bar where Willie Nelson got his first song-writing contract, Kris Kristofferson sang for tips, and Mel Tillis proved he doesn’t stutter when he sang.
Does it matter? Evidently not. Not a seat in the joint and lines of young partyers waiting to get in…legendary be damned, bring me a Bud. I should have guessed things have changed when I stepped off the plane and there was a Tootsie’s in the airport. Even a young guy on a stage pickin’ and singin’ in the morning before lunch.


No, I wasn’t looking at the girls. It’s a long distance shot.

It was close to midnight, but I still wanted the best BBQ in the south. The Famous Jack’s BBQ on Broadway. Of course there was a huge line. Of course I waited. Of course it was well worth it.

I’m sure the tax collectors and business owners that are profiting are very happy.

My old buddies, who have lived there for decades, are very unhappy.
Change isn’t always good for everybody.

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One Response to Late Night in Your Town

  1. fiddlrts says:

    SUUUURE you weren’t looking at the girls. One wonders how they all ended up in little black dresses, though.

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