Quickie Music Trivia

It may be a trick questions I’m about to ask you. Not really a trick question, just a tough one I bet you don’t know the answer to.

What was the name of the Album that is the all-time record holder for being in the Billboard Top Ten? It was in the Top Ten for 153 consecutive weeks. Who recorded it?
Elvis? Nah…Beatles? Nah…Michael Jackson? Nah…Pink Floyd? Nah….

More information:  This artist made 10 albums and each one sold well over One Million units.

Still More Info: I’m not sure if this artist still holds the record, but at one time this artist charted more Top Ten albums than anyone without ever charting ONE single Top 100 hit.

Strange, but true. Even stranger, this artist was not an artist. Didn’t play a note on any instrument. Couldn’t read music.

This top-selling album maker loved movies, especially romantic movies. He noticed the incredibly beautiful music that played behind the love scenes of Clark Gable. He thought the music multiplied the romance by a thousand times.

He made the following statement: “If Gable needs music, a guy in Brooklyn must be desperate.”

So he set out to make albums with beautiful romantic mood music and succeeded. He hired the orchestra and told them what he wanted them to play. The record sales speak for themselves.

The artist was an actor and one of my favorite comedians, Jackie Gleason.

His first album, “Music for Lovers Only,” was in the top ten for 153 consecutive weeks.

It has been said that Jackie Gleason was a good conductor. Others said he never conducted. Bobby Hackett, the great trumpet player, was the band leader on 7 of the 10 albums. When asked what Gleason brought to the recording sessions, he replied, “He brings the checks.”

I loved the Album entitled, “Lonesome Echo.” Gleason contracted Salvador Dali to do the album cover.Jackie Gleason liner notes

Cover of "Lonesome Echo"

Cover of Lonesome Echo

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