Whose Fantasy?

So, just 14 days until the new NFL season starts. Millions of people are busy this weekend with “draft-day” for their fantasy football teams. What was laughed at a few years ago is now taken so seriously that ESPN is trying and succeeding in owning the TV shows, podcasts and web sites. They feature a daily podcast featuring strategies, injuries, player previews and game previews.

I have DIRECTV and now they are getting involved with a new NFL package unlike anything imagined. The price for the entire season is now under $200.

Here’s what you get:

On your ONE screen you can have EIGHT games all playing at once, each with a scoreboard and clock. Wow!
Eight games One screen

For you fantasy players, you can click on a screen with 20 of your fantasy players following their performances, updating their stats, and GET THIS—Big Play Alerts!  Yes!

And brand new, they now have a dedicated channel called “Fantasy Zone Channel” with four talking heads (yes, they have one female) just talking all day about fantasy football. Constantly talking. Constantly updating. Constantly talking.

And of course you get every game played on Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays. Every game.

Sounds exciting, but I’ll pass. Again.

The NFL television “rights” is the most lucrative and expensive rights of any American sport. Each network pays over ONE BILLION dollars per year (Five billion total) to televise the NFL.

Rumor has it that Google is biding their time until it’s time for a new contract. Since they have more money than God, they can outbid anyone. By 2021 all television watching will be finished. Our huge computer screens will show us football unlike anything we’ve ever imagined.

Maybe I’ll get the package then.

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2 Responses to Whose Fantasy?

  1. Odd thing about FF is that it isn’t really about football, so much as math and probability. Think of Moneyball applied to Football. The craziest variables are followed, just like both sports… grass or plastic turf? Domed, or not? Above 70 degrees, below 20? Winds. Rain. Previous performances. Injuries. Latest news. (up to 3 mins before kick-off). I was invited to play in a league a few years ago, and when I started everyone took pity on the “rookie.” Got lots of free advice. At the end of the season, though, they weren’t so kind. I came within a few points of winning the league. By then, no one was feeling any sympathy for the new guy. A second quarter injury to one of my receivers put me out of the game, but not by much. It was kind of a hoot. (Plus, even second place paid well.) But it also takes a ton of time… and before long, it’s like playing golf…. fun, but who has the time to spend hour after hour on such stuff?

    Oh, and BTW… Scrabble is all about math also… it’s not how many words you know, but patterns, multiple counts, and how to make meaningful mathematical combinations of the highest value letters. Enjoyed your rant.

    • bakoheat says:

      Good points, Vince. Whose has time to do what’s needed to get into fantasy football to win? Family and friends can have some fun, but there’s so many more (for me) interesting ways to spend the little time we are allotted.

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