Fascinatin’ Comtemplatin’

I like bizarre trivia. New information that makes my eyebrows raise and my brain freeze.
Information that I don’t need to know. We are inundated with this kind of crap on every web-site we open…from Facebook to Buzz feed, the weird stuff begs us to click and look.

Sometimes we realize we have been had by a headline and it’s just another click-hole that now can begin spying on us.
That reminds me, I gave out this website some months back and its priceless. You can get rid of all the spy-bots looking at your every move. Just download “ghostery.com.” You won’t be sorry.

And now, more things to clog the little bit of hard-drive left in my brain:

Before G-Mail I use today, G-mail was a free email offered by Garfield’s website.

“Three Men and a Baby” was directed by Leonard Nimoy.

Honey Tree Evil Eye was a female that portrayed a male on television. Do you know the male’s name she assumed?  It was Spuds Mackenzie the dog in the Bud Light Commercials
Spuds Mackenzie

The tallest known mountain in our solar system is on one of the smallest planets, Mars. It stands an incredible 79,200 feet high (15 miles).  That requires a pause to think about.

I was reminded by a news story about a horrible accident that happened before I was born. My dad used to talk about the Hindenburg. I saw a news article that the last surviving member of the Hindenburg crew died this weekend.

The Hindenburg disaster in 1937 was reported live on the radio and many pictures were taken as it exploded and fell in flames to the ground.

The disaster was also a miracle.
There were 36 passengers and 61 crewmen on board; a total of 97 people. When one sees the picture it is assumed to be like an airplane crash where all aboard perish. Yet, 23 passengers and 39 crewmen survived the crash. (62 alive out of 97). One person on the ground was also killed.

I hope you’re enjoying this holiday with family and friends.

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2 Responses to Fascinatin’ Comtemplatin’

  1. fiddlrts says:

    I love your trivia bits. I had no idea Nimoy directed Three Men and a Baby. A man of many talents!

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