The Past Uncovered (Possible Cult Found!)

Home found in original condition results in astonishing report.
September 21, 2185

Today the Central News Media received the first report from the Chief Engineer in charge of the dig-site in the former Central Valley of California. This report was filed by James Futura, the Chef Engineer.

Gentlemen: As you know, after twenty seven years of various digging probes throughout this vast wasteland, we uncovered a home relatively intact even though it was buried beneath 3500 feet of the former Sierra Mountain Range. The home, located in the former city of Bakersfield, California, was miraculously protected by a giant Magnolia tree located in the front yard section of the property. When the upheaval of the mountain range happened in late September, 2014, the tree tumbled over and around the house protecting it like a giant umbrella.

We know the upheaval took place during a prolonged drought as tens of thousands of farmlands drained every well so dry that the ground collapsed and the mountain range fell over on top of the valley.

The uncovered home contained no human remains. Residents of this former area had a few hours to flee as the huge rumblings gave warning.

When we uncovered the home, we found it was a small three bedroom home that probably contained one woman and three men. We found no evidence of children inhabitants. There was at least one feline present at some time based on feline hair found on all the clothes and furniture.

We are determining that this may have been the home of a religious cult or possibly a musical band that shared the premises. We make these statements based on our findings of many musical instruments from pianos, keyboards, violins, cellos, violas, horns, guitars and more. The three gentlemen all shared the same clothes-closet. The clothes were assorted in Medium, Large and Extra-Large sizes. Interesting aside, all three gentlemen wore and shared the same size shoes and caps. There was a large supply of caps which we assume all three gentlemen wore daily. This might have been a musical-band thing.

It seemed the three gentlemen and the woman shared the same bedroom and one bed. This is the reasoning behind our accusations of a religious-type cult. We also discovered various ancient books written by priests, atheists, historians, physicists, politicians, horror books, detective books, poetry books, cook books, writing books and books with sexual pictures.

Gentlemen, this was a strange mix of folks under one roof. We find no names of the former residents listed on government over-site lists, no-fly lists or terrorist lists. They seemed to be moving around under the radar.

Our other pertinent clue was that all three gentlemen engaged in writing on the same ancient computer. We found the remains of the antique computer keyboard and the deep-grooved letter-keys point to around the clock usage which had to be shared by at least the three gentlemen and probably the female. Remarkably no published manuscripts of any of the four residents have been found or documented.

We have a few photos to release to the press today. The first photo shows the foundation of the home after the tree was removed.
Notice the food contents of the four people living there had poured out of the two refrigerators and pantry.


The second photo released today is about half of the musical instruments uncovered in the room where the four cultists must have made music.
More to be reported later.
Uncovered house in Bakersfield

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2 Responses to The Past Uncovered (Possible Cult Found!)

  1. Bill Pridemore says:

    Put me in touch with that Chief Engineer! I think I have some information about the history of the inhabitants! Particularly those three dudes………


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