A Voice in the Wilderness

I am writing a post today to encourage writers in our group to start a blog. We, the Writer of Kern, are a branch of the California Writers Club. The club was founded by Jack London in 1913. We encourage you to join our group if you have a poem in your heart, a novel in your brain or a memoir that your grand-kids need to read.


A Voice in the Wilderness

I’m not sure what writing something down in a blog format and pushing the “publish” button would do for you. I’m not sure what you have to say is something anyone wants to read.  I don’t have a clue what you should write about tomorrow. I’m not sure you can structure sentences in a correct manner. I think you’re crazy doing this blog three times a week.

man-looking-in-mirrorOh, excuse me; I didn’t know anyone was listening to me. I was just talking in the mirror like I do a few times a week.

I can tell you that starting a blog is scary. I can assure you the fear of writing the next blog after this one never goes away. I know that over 5,000 blogs a week go to “blog heaven.”  That’s a lie. “Blog Hell” is actually the dead blog place.

I know how the “Big Giant Bloggers” get all their thousands of followers. They write about things people want to read. They write about things they know about and love to write about. What do people want to read about?

Here are the top 11 Niche Markets that capture large audiences in the Blog World.

Personal Finance, Gadgets and Technology, Career, Creative Endeavors, Parenting, Business and Entrepreneurship, Social Media and Blogging, Freelancing, Marketing, News and Entertainment, Self-Improvement.

Your new Blog must be rooted in the READERSHIP, not about you or your business. You should be an expert on the topic and enjoy spending time with your audience attracted to your topic.

Now you have the formula for success in blogging. Go for it!

As you may know, I don’t follow my own advice. What I listed above is what you should do…really.

It’s just not what I do. I’m a little bit crazy and need to write so they don’t haul me away. I’m trying to build an audience of crazy people who may buy one of my books I will soon be touting on my blog. Like you, I bet, I love to write. I also like to make things up. It’s my way of getting the crazy people out of my head and into yours. I hope.

This post is the 476th post to my blog. It’s working. They haven’t hauled me away…yet.


Dan McGuire




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13 Responses to A Voice in the Wilderness

  1. fiddlrts says:

    They must not have had a category for “religion,” or that would have made the top 10 list…at least from my observation.

    I admire that you have managed to be regular – 3 times a week – with your blog. That’s commitment!

    I’m up to 263 posts, and they haven’t hauled me away either 😉

  2. joanraymondwriting says:

    Love the inner voice. Mine tends to say quite a few of those same things. But we still write and as you said, it keep us sane. Thank goodness. So are you going to do something special for your 500th post milestone? Maybe a virtual “500th Post Party.” I’ll RSVP now. 🙂

  3. Mandy Wallace says:

    476 posts! Muy impressive! Here’s to 476 more.

  4. heyannis says:

    Love your style, Dan, and the “craziness” of you. The “voice in the wilderness” part is priceless. xoA

  5. Anna Stewart says:

    And here I was thinking being hauled away might be a sign of success? If they haul me away…they’re reading, right? How else will anyone know how crazy i am? I’m of the maverick “write for yourself” camp. I have a day job. That’s where i do what i’m told. Writing…even blogging…is for me. And the billions of fans who have not yet discovered my brilliance? A girl can dream! 😉

    Really enjoyed your post and perspective on the blog.

    • bakoheat says:

      Thank you Anna. Four years ago i was trading options and trying to keep my blood pressure off the ceiling. Now I write. My blood pressure is fine but I’m on the ceiling.

  6. Mandy Wallace says:

    I appreciate the kudos. I love what you do here. Send me an email sometime about the repost idea. That sounds like fun.

  7. Dennis says:

    The “Big Giant Bloggers” offer little of relevance to my life or writing style. Most of their advice is unusable. I write because I love writing. Blogging helps me understand myself and what I think. There are actually a few people out in the blogosphere who are interested!

    • bakoheat says:

      So true, Dennis. The Big Bloggers do make a living, and a good one, by niche writing about subjects they know and readers want to read…like recipes, sports, finances, etc. But, like you, that’s something I’m not interested in.

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