Scary Irony

I’m not sure how I feel about the “selfie” generation. If they can make change without a computer register, I’ll feel better about them then the last bunch.

Yet, I’m sure they’re missing out on some important life steps. Like sitting in a booth across from each other, holding hands, staring into each other’s eyes…and maybe even talking.
Like hanging out and cutting up, making fun of teachers, talking about the party.

Here’s a typical group of high-schoolers…hanging out.

RIPE FOR SHARKNADOTeens hanging with cells



No one absorbs the sounds and sights of a live concert…through their own eyes and ears, not their iphones.

Have you attended a concert lately?  Really weird. One half of the audience is waving their cell phones around taking video and shooting shots. The other half are busy posting their last video and pictures in the hopes of quickly gaining more Instagram followers. When the “selfie” generation attends an event, there doesn’t seem to be any “here” there. They seem to be living a self-made movie that they believe people really want to see.

Here is an amusing, scary, ironic little film called “Aspirational.” It was shot by Matthew Frost for Vs. magazine. It stars Kirsten Dunst.

It explains what I’m talking about.

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4 Responses to Scary Irony

  1. McGuire, Amy says:

    Loved it! Sorry I don’t know how to post this on Instagram or whatever!

    Amy McGuire Visual Performing Arts Administrator Panama Buena Vista Union School District 661-858-9332 661-831-8331 ext. 6440

    5901 Schirra Ct. Bakersfield, CA 93313

  2. JasmineDLowe says:

    Poor Kirsten Dunst. This video, and also seeing so many kids now glued to their phones does scare me. I think about my childhood in the 90’s before my family had a computer in the house, and before I even knew what a cellphone was, and remember going outside and just being a kid. I worry about whether my future kids will be able to experience some sort of a childhood like I had, and then I think about own self today.

    I usually try and put away my phone and stay in the moment, but I’m really guilty of taking out my phone at concerts to record everything when I should try to enjoy the show. I guess I really have to work on that now.

    • bakoheat says:

      I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong, just a new “normal” that has changed the culture and will change the experience. I was backstage at a Joan Jett concert tonight and shot pictures and emailed them to myself. I’ll write about it tomorrow. However, I didn’t “check in” on Facebook and let my worried friends know what I was doing.
      Thanks for writing, Jasmine.

  3. Oh, this has so much truth! I agree with you that it is not necessarily wrong, but when the “new normal” gets in the way of actually experiencing the experience, I think we are losing something precious.

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