Snob Slob

I think of myself as very laid-back. I view myself as very egalitarian. And then I notice I use the word “very” to distinguish myself as more laid back then regular laid-backers and more egalitarian than most.

Then I spin around like Beetlejuice and look in the mirror again and know it’s mostly lies. I’m an insufferable snob about so many things. How about you? Do you have certain things you are snobbish about?

But, this is about me so I digress. Let me be truthful about some of my snobbery. Bare bones true snobbery.

When I see someone drinking a Budweiser or Coors I actually see them lifting a bottle of pee to their lips. My stomach turns. Yes, I have tasted pee, and it damn sure wasn’t intentional so turn the page you Golden Shower freaks. My memories of the “pee prank” comes roaring back just looking at a bottle of Bud. Horrible tasting stuff!

Anyway, I’m such a snob about my beer that I won’t even discuss pilsner or lager, just talk to me about your IPA taste buds.

I hated 90% of the ‘90s music. Since then I have hated 95% of the last 14 years of new music. Old fogey? Probably. My parents hated 100% of the ‘60s and ‘70s music so I guess that’s par for the aging thing.

I’ve always loved Jazz, Classical and most of the Pop music written before 1990. I wasn’t around for the swing-band era, be-bop era, rag-time era, but I love most of it.

My generation took blues and country music and invented Rock & Roll. It was all good. It evolved into many forms along with many hairstyles. I entered the Heavy Metal phase with an open mind.HairBand

But then I vomited throughout the disco era.

Now Disco is bigger than ever. It’s called “Dance Music.” Rock & Roll is now bad country music. (The only one honest about that is Taylor Swift and who likes her?)


When I was younger this was a huge “snob” item on my agenda. A guy wasn’t allowed on the fence…it was GM or Ford. I was in the GM camp for many years. Ford was dumb (until the Mustang…yeah). Now I’m in nobody’s camp. I think they’re all over-priced ego trips. I’m waiting til my computer drives me around. I’m pissed because the oil companies have filled the American brain with oil-sludge. We get what we deserve so we keep burning and breathing more of their stuff when we could have broken the habit 10 years ago. Thankfully we have people like Elon Musk who is showing us what we “need” and “don’t need.” And we certainly don’t need fossil fuel to get us to grandma’s house.
Truthfully, I’m not a wine snob. I love wine, I own lots of wine, I appreciate how my taste buds respond to different wines. I love tasting wine varieties. And I totally respect your opinion on this or that wine. A wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. Wine is an individual experience.

Don’t even go there with beer. Bud tastes like pee.

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3 Responses to Snob Slob

  1. fiddlrts says:

    I’ll be mean and talk about pilsner. Firestone has a seasonal Pils which is pretty good. I would also vote for a true Old World Pilsner as quite refreshing and delightfully bitter. I’m with you on Bud, however.

    I suspect both of us would have disliked 90% of the music from past eras too. Fortunately most of that 90% has been forgotten.

    • bakoheat says:

      Breaking my own rules, which all snobs are allowed to do, I usually order Negra Modelo at Mexican restaurants with a short beer list (like La Costa last night). It’s a fairly smooth Austrian lager. In the same factory in Mexico they make a great pilsner called Estrella available in Mexico only. But of course the whole damn Groupo Modelo is now owned by BUD…so who knows what we’re drinking half the time.

  2. Mandy Wallace says:

    I’m a snob about food quality. Grain-free and organic for me. Well, some people call it snobbish. I just call it health-conscious in an otherwise sad American food system. And my health has improved so much since discovering the GAPS diet. So, is it snobbishness and or just a comparatively higher standard than the average US American due to having more information? I don’t know.

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