Commas Are Good

I write stuff. I re-write stuff. Then I take the stuff to a critique group of fellow writers. They write stuff and do the same. We encourage and help each other. We also circle grammatical errors.

I always have lots of circles. I seem to have a problem with commas. I’ll use them when I shouldn’t and not use them when I should.

Commas are important. Commas are good.

Would you like to see why?

Here are some signs I didn’t make, but someone who has trouble with commas certainly did.
commas are good 2 commas are good 3
Commas are Good 1 commas are good 4



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4 Responses to Commas Are Good

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    I think commas are so great, I use lots and lots of them when I write. Then I realize I’ve used about three times more than grammatically correct. Recovering commaholic I am.

  2. terryredman says:

    until, I started going to critique groups, I did not know I was so challenged at, with, by commas. soon they became a real issue, for me, and others, and I still make mistakes, really. I have tried the — formula but that give me headaches, and bothers my knee, now and then, if you get my drift. Joan and I attend different meetings for commaholics.

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