Did you watch those SF Giants pop out those singles last night (YEA!). Their tenacity at the plate and great defense was the model for the word “Persistence.”  A Never Give Up Attitude. It also takes persistence to watch sports on east coast time. Yuk. I love those 5 pm baseball games and 10 am NFL games.
I enjoy reading and being inspired by persistence and hard work. It doesn’t always pay off, but it always helps us to learn and grow.

On this date, 158 years ago a Quaker youth from Massachusetts, named Roland, decided to try his eighth business venture. The first seven failed miserably. This time he was determined and he opened his dry goods store right in the middle of Manhattan. This time he succeeded.
He had worked on a whaling ship when he was 15 and had a red star tattooed on the back of his wrist. He decided that star would be part of his store’s logo. And Roland Macy’s store still uses his red tattoo.Macy Logo




One of the greatest composers of all time, Beethoven, was persistent with the women in his life. It was said he was constantly lovesick. He proposed and was turned down numerous times. He wooed one special lady by writing a great song for her…one that we all know when we hear it. The lady’s name was Therese, but Beethoven’s hand writing was atrocious and to this day we call it by another lady’s name, a name he never had any contact with. Instead of “For Therese” we now have “Fur Elise.”

It’s a great song to start a new week, my last week in Indiana. Let’s listen to Georgii Cerkiin play this wonderful 3-minute tune.

Close your eyes, concentrate on just the notes and your breath.

Have a great week!

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6 Responses to PERSISTENCE

  1. JasmineDLowe says:

    I had no idea about Macy’s logo and Beethoven’s Fur Elise. That’s amazing. And thanks for sharing the Georgii Cerkiin tune.

  2. heyannis says:

    Thanks for the historical info and for the music, too. I actually sat back, closed my eyes and listened. That’s a rarity — but I’m working on correcting that. xoA

  3. Wow! I had no idea that Elise was really Therese! Thanks for the information. I enjoyed this post on persistence. It’s something we all need a reminder about from time to time.

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