What 500 Means to Me

Today I post my 500th page of scribbles, blabber, facts and fiction, slightly funny and extremely unfunny stuff on this blog site.

Five hundred is just a number. But, aren’t we fascinated by numbers?

We love decades. Ten is a cool number. Turning 30, 40, 50 and then STOP!

A 23rd wedding anniversary has no significant meaning except persistence. A 25th gets a designated Silver label, lots of cards in the mail, a special celebration, and on and on.

One Hundred is always a big deal. The measurement of centuries. Our Benjamin Franklins. A tremendous milestone in age (hang in there Mom…just five more months).

When 500 “somethings” roll around we don’t celebrate it unless it was huge. Our country isn’t old enough to have that kind of history for another 300 plus years.
We did print $500s up till the mid ‘20s and used them until 1969. (Damn Nixon) In today’s money,this $500 is worth less than our largest bill, the $100.

Five Hundred years ago, William Shakespeare put down his quill pen and retired.

Five Hundred months ago, we were all 41 years younger (don’t you young’uns try to do the math on that one). It was March 5th, 1973. On that day, two Yankee pitchers, Kekich and Peterson, announced they were trading wives permanently. We were shocked!
Who would have thought that 41 years later they could have legally announced they were marrying each other.

Five Hundred weeks ago was April 5, 2005. Pope John Paul II was getting buried and the new pope-guy should have taken the name, Pope Sarah Palin. They both quit early.

Five Hundred days ago was Sunday, June 23, 2013. Edward Snowden, the spy we hate to love, landed in Moscow, and loyal Paula Deen fans were boycotting the Food Network for dropping her cooking show.
Nik Wallenda became the first person (and last probably) to walk across the Grand Canyon on a tight rope. He’s still at it. Last Sunday, Mr. Wallenda walked across two Chicago skyscrapers…said it was his most difficult stunt ever.

Other Meanings of 500

I saw 27 straight Five Hundred mile races at Indy.
Tori Spelling says she eats 500 calories per day. Well, Tori, the family fortune is gone, your husband was just caught cheating…go ahead and have some cake.

If I wanted a little car I’d buy a Fiat 500.
Fiat 500

If I drove my Fiat 500 for 500 miles to the Southeast I would be in Mesa, Arizona.

If I drove 500 miles straight NORTH from Los Angeles, I would be exactly even with Reno, Nevada, but Reno would be to the WEST. Think again about that fact. Yes, L.A. sits on the Pacific Ocean and Reno is further to the WEST than L.A.

Writing my 500th post sounds impossible. I never thought I could have 500 things to write about. But, things have a way of sneaking up on you. Before long I’ll be writing about writing #1000.

So, in honor of my 500th, I would love for 500 of you to click on the picture of “Barstow Blues” my first novel, and buy your very own copy. It’s just up there to the right at the top of this page. You can read it easily in 500 minutes.

I thank you very much.  See you Friday, same time, same station.

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3 Responses to What 500 Means to Me

  1. heyannis says:

    Morning, Dan ~ What a milestone! And, #500 is just as clever as all the other 499 posts. You make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. Thanks for being so steadfast. xoA

  2. joanraymondwriting says:

    Congrats on #500! Your creativity, sarcasm and knack for facts keeps me coming back for more. Looking forward to the next 500+ posts.

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