Accepting Wacky

The word “acceptance” can have similar but different meanings. If you take a gift from me you did the act of acceptance…the act of taking.
Acceptance can also mean approval or a favorable reception.  “You like me, you really like me.”
You like me

But, “acceptance” is also the act of believing or assenting. I tell you stuff, maybe crap, when you’re a kid and you accept and believe it to be true. You spread the same crap when you get older and you get to tell kids the same stuff, maybe crap.

Then our culture, our society, our group also accepts and believes this stuff, maybe wacky crap.

Obviously the big things we pass down to our children are our political and religious beliefs. So be it.

I’m talking about little things we say or believe and have never questioned why we use a certain word or accept a wacky belief.

“Get to the point, McGuire!”

OK…I’m talking everyday things we say like:

“Grampa had a stroke.”

Everyone knows what a stroke “is” but why do we call it a “stroke.?”
I’ve heard people also say Grampa went to Vegas and had a stroke of good luck. Aha…now we see a weird connection to the word usage…why the word is used.  In the 16th Century when a person was felled by a cerebral hemorrhage, the person was thought to have been hit by “the stroke of God’s hand.”

So we still say it. “Grampa had a stroke.”

Another thing. We call a certain cowboy hat a ten-gallon hat and it don’t even hold a gallon of water. I’m sure the cowboys I know would be really pissed if you told them the actual thing they are wearing is a Mexican ‘tan galon’ hat and the Spanish translation of ‘tan galon’ is “Really Handsome.” Tell your favorite cowboy to pronounce it correctly next time.
ten gallon hat

We also accept wacky things on paper. When something weighs Three Pounds we write, 3 lbs. What the hell is “lbs?” Why not “pds?”  Well, like Spanish we also love our Latin. And the Latin word for weight was (remember it’s a damn dead language) so I say it WAS ‘libra pondo.’ So, we kept the “lb” for pound.

At least we still measure horses by “hands.”
horse examN

Have a great weekend.
Keep me in your thoughts.  Next week my doctor is going to do an “auscultation” on me…in his damn office. I know many of you have had this done so keep a good thought.
It’s OK if you have to look it up. I’m too embarrassed to say

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2 Responses to Accepting Wacky

  1. As writers, we get pretty familiar with the limitations of language. A word may have three different meanings, but it never captures the whole of a thing. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your appointment.

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