BoyA Weekend:   1954
1950 boy

“Hey Jimmie, I’m not getting a nibble. Let’s ride over to the river and see if anything is biting there. Then we can pedal on out to your grannie’s for some pie.”

“Good idea, Bobby. That’s over 10 miles. What time do you have to be home?”

“Mom said to be home by eight o’clock tonight. I told her we might ride out to your grannie’s.”

“After grannie’s pie we can ride back to town and pick up Nick and Vince and shoot some hoops until dark.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


A Weekend:   1984
1980 boy

“Hey Jason, what’s happening?”

“I can’t come out today, Kevin, Dad said if I cleaned my room he’ll let me play Donkey Kong 3 on the Nintendo. He never lets me have it so I’m staying home.”

“Hey, that’s cool. My dad wants one of those new Mac computers they showed on that weird ad  during the Super Bowl. He says it’s way too expensive, but I heard him tell Mom he wants one really bad.”

“What are you doing tomorrow? I heard Christopher scored some weed.”


“Yeah, really, man. Have you done it?”

“Yeah, sort of…Brian had a little roach under the bleachers the other day and I took a puff. It was cool. I was weirded out.”

“All right, let’s get stoned on Sunday, man.”

“I’ll try… Mom always says I have to stay in the neighborhood.  See ya.”

“Don’t forget your Walkman, I want to hear your latest mix-tape.”


A Weekend    2014
2014 boy

“Hey Ethan, did you see this new Spoon video?”

“Dude!” I’m texting Joshua about Emily’s boobs.”

“I heard she was sexting everybody, man.”

“Oh, cool, I just got a re-tweet on my tweet about Mr. Porter. His pants were unzipped in math class, dude. I think this is going viral, bro.”

“This is crap, I get a text from mom every half hour. She’s crazy, dude.”

“ Yeah, my mom always has to stop at Starbucks when she’s running me over to Matthew’s house. Like Matthew moved to the other side of town. I can’t wait till I can drive.”

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4 Responses to Conversations

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    When I was in the 4th grade, my friend and I would ride our bikes everywhere and be gone all day. If we wanted to go to the mall we’d take the bus. Our parents couldn’t get a hold of us unless we used a payphone and called them to check in or ask for a ride home. No cell phones, answering machines (or voice mail), heck we didn’t even have a color TV or remote control. And gasp, we had to watch the commercials because there was no way to skip past them. Shows were watched that night or never seen it again (until the cable channels started showing ‘reruns’). And we survived!

  2. JasmineDLowe says:

    I was just talking about this with my roommates. Times have definitely changed. Even a weekend in the 90’s, pre-Internet, involved me and my friends riding bikes outside and skinning up our knees. The other day one of us baby sat a few kids that were asking about the WiFi password.

    On the other hand, I’m so grateful for DVR and Tivo.

    • bakoheat says:

      We can’t live without our technology. Maybe this new “breed” of texting, social media, twitter-heads will save the planet. Let’s hope so.
      Thanks for writing JDL.

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