Blondes, Redheads and Turquoise

I’m thinking in colors today. Maybe it’s a 24 bout of Synesthesia.


History has given us some harsh realities, some carry-over prejudices and reasons why we act the way we do.

For instance…the poor plight of the “blonde” woman. She is adored or vilified on screen. She is sometimes made out to be a dummy, sometimes a perfect creation.

I’ve never heard the words, “He was screwing around with some brown-haired bimbo.”

Poor blondes…why?

History shows us that the Roman Empire had much to do with this blonde-thing. As the gladiators fought Gaul and Germany, they thought of the fair-haired people as barbarians. When they captured the fair-haired ladies the Romans made them slaves in brothels.

Roman law was passed at some point stating that all prostitutes had to dye their hair blonde in order to distinguish them from the “proper” dark-maned ladies.




  DNA has pointed us to the genetic mutation that caused one’s hair to be red. Interestingly that same gene also makes one more resistant to anesthetic drugs. It can take up to 25% more anesthetic than patients of other hair color. Maybe this is why there hasn’t been one redhead to speak out about Bill Cosby. (“Two pills, Bill”)



We have a time-share in Sedona, Arizona. It’s an incredible place of soaring red rock monoliths cradling an array of resorts, spas, art galleries and boutique wineries. There’s also a huge group of “woo-woo” peddlers with their magic rocks, crystals and secret vortex centers of energy.  Uhhh, OK.

They also have a strict ordinance on billboards, business architecture and even colors. This is the only city I know that has forced the mega-corp McDonalds to junk their ugly yellow arches because “How would that look with our beautiful red rocks?”

So I always love looking at Turquoise arches.Sedona McDonalds


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3 Responses to Blondes, Redheads and Turquoise

  1. Terry Redman says:

    I never know that about redheads, hmmm. In Sedona we missed the arches but had some great ice cream after our visit to the hills and ruins. Cheers!

  2. heyannis says:

    Love Sedona. And this line: ” It’s an incredible place of soaring red rock monoliths cradling an array of resorts, spas, art galleries and boutique wineries.” Thanks, Dan, for the hair color info, too. xoA

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