Blackened Fry Day

I’ve missed out again. I’m here in bed, making mental notes and feeing quite guilty.
Many of you have already been shopping for hours…some started shopping while my indigestion had just started yesterday.
I know I’ve missed out on some great deals.

I could have camped out at Best Buy with a plan. When the doors opened I guessed everyone would be rushing for the Vizio 50” LED for $499.93. I could stroll nonchalantly over to the bargain table and get a brand new HP Deskjet wireless printer for $26.99.  After swooping that up I could grab a 7” Digiland Tablet for $54.99.  But that would upset me when I found out Walmart had an RCA 7” Tablet for $49.99.  And Walmart also had a Samsung 48” LED for $367.99.

The giant Thanksgiving Day newspaper is scattered on the floor beside my bed. My Black Friday list is printed out in large bold font.

Kohl’s has a 32” LED for $99.99 Maybe I could put that in the bathroom?

An unbelievable price of $9.99 for a Shop-Vac at Menards.  Wow!

shop vac

OMG!  There is a Samsung 50” LED at Target for $477.99. A 53-piece Craftsmen ratchet tool set at Sears for $39.99. An “X-4” pro fish finder for $69 at Dicks Sporting Goods. A Black and Decker 12-cup coffeemaker for $9.99 at Macy’s.  There is a wonderful “Waving-Santa Claus” inflatable for $59 at Lowe’s.

inflatable Santa Claus509

Where to start?

I close my eyes and think about my list. Seems like there’s good news.
I don’t fish, my printer’s working fine, I love my TV, I’m horrible at handy-man jobs, I don’t need another tablet and I quit drinking coffee 20 years ago. Oh, we don’t have any Menard’s here in Bakersfield so I don’t have to get that Shop-Vac until I build a shop.

I’m drifting back asleep now knowing I would have loved that “Waving-Santa.” But I can get up in a few hours and fix my famous Cajun-blackened turkey breast sandwich for lunch.
I’ll get my Blackened Fry Day somehow.

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One Response to Blackened Fry Day

  1. The whole black Friday/shopping craze thing is beyond me. Crowds and shoving. No thank you. Even internet shopping is a bother most of the time! But that sandwich sounds pretty good 🙂

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