I think my sense of smell is average. I probably enjoy most of the aromas you find enjoyable. I love my peach tree around July 1st. Just yesterday I clipped off a rose from one of our bushes and it was heavenly. I love the summer jasmine by the garage.

Certain food aromas not only are delightful, but can take me back to my childhood. The yearly scent of the Christmas tree has been with me my entire life. I’m sure for you, too.

I love smelling turkey in the oven, pies baking, coffee brewing, roasted garlic, bacon sizzling, fresh chocolate chip cookies, smoked barbecue, fresh bread, and anything cinnamon.
cup of coffee

Please don’t ruin my air with cauliflower cooking, farts or hair permanents. Actually all three smell the same to me. Yuk!

I’m not sure I would want a dog’s nose. But, they seem pretty excited about sniffing anything and everything. The average dog’s nose is at least 10,000 times more acute than ours.
dogs nose
That’s hard to fathom. In an easy way to understand those figures, the former head of the Sensory Research Institute of Florida State University says we can compare a dog’s nose to ours by using an analogy to vision.

What that means is if we can see an object clearly at 1/3 of a mile, a dog can see that object just as clearly at 3000 miles away. That’s how powerful their sensory system is. Wow!  A researcher at Barnard College explained that dogs can sniff some odors in parts per trillion. If you can detect one teaspoon of sugar in a cup of coffee, a dog’s nose can detect one teaspoon in a million gallons of water (two Olympic-size pools).

We humans have about five million olfactory receptor cells in our noses. Dogs have over 200 million with bloodhounds closer to 300 million olfactory receptors.

Cats have great noses, but nothing like a dog. They have between 50 and 80 million receptors.

Then there’s my wife. Her sense of smell is somewhere between the cat and the dog. Unbelievable. She smells things I didn’t know had smells. And some things I smell that seem fine make her half sick.  Fish.  My wife hates the smell of fish. In any form, dead or alive. She hates fried fish, baked fish or steamed fish. They make her gag.

She doesn’t like to be in the same room where I’m reading the morning paper. Newsprint makes her gag. Strange, huh?

But the very cool thing is, when she cuddles up close to me she says, “I love the way you smell.”  Whew….lucky me.

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3 Responses to NOSEY

  1. Mary says:

    Women have a heightened sense of smell. Ask any PG&E guy. Most calls are, “My wife smelled gas.” And I love they have to put odor in that for safety reasons.

    • Robert D. Levinson says:

      OMG yes women do have a keen sense of smell. My wife can walk into a room hours after the fact & tell what’s been going on. “Burn something in the kitchen again?” Yea, why deny. Dogs can pick up a residual scent days after laid down. Amazing!

    • bakoheat says:

      Wow…my wife says that all the time, even when the gas is turned off.

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