The Hip Year-End Review

Yes, it’s that time of the year when the journalists fill space in the daily fish-wrap with year-in-review stuff.  Best/Worst Movies, Books, Sports Moments, TV Shows, Songs and whatever.

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year in reviewbig stories of 2014

We agree, we disagree, but we read the lists and test our memories and check our hipness. Whoops, now there’s a word that slips in and out of coolness. That one, too.

Being ‘hip’ started in the late ‘40s, most word-geeks say.  Hip was the white guy’s version of Hep.  Like hep-cats of the ’30 and ‘40s in the black-dominated jazz scene.
hep cats

There are probably more arguments over those two words, hep and hip, then any other like-meaning words invented. Many strange word-origin arguments about ‘hip’ in every corner. Some insist the word ‘hip’ was used as a sly way to find out if a stranger used opium. (opium is usually smoked laying on one’s side…on their hip.) That’s the silliest of all origins arguments.

There is a novel printed in 1904 called “Jim Hickey, A Story of One-Night Stands.” In the novel there is an African-American character that uses the phrase, “Are You Hip?” The term basically meant “informed.” After the Second World War, Jack Kerouac started writing about the “hip” generation. Beatniks were hip. Later hippies were hip.


Enough of hip and back to end of year lists that I read and don’t feel hip.

I can’t be hip when I missed most of the movies, didn’t read the books and hated the songs so I quickly turn to the other news. Stories of torture, shootings, terrorists, protests everywhere, and another woman accusing Cosby.

It gives me a pain in the hip.

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2 Responses to The Hip Year-End Review

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    I used to care about the best/worst lists, but now most of the stuff shouldn’t be considered for best, and worst is a compliment. I do watch a bit of TV, but probably not the “hip” stuff. And as for music – I’ll take an oldie any day.

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