Some Things Go, Some Stay

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

After many decades of Christmas seasons, some traditions change or go away. Obviously older folks don’t have to continue the silly lying to the kids about the jolly fat man who sees them when they’re sleeping. No more setting the alarm for 3AM to hide gifts. However the milk and cookies stay, just eaten earlier.

The stomping through snow covered hillsides, cutting down a beautiful tree, tying it on the car, dragging it in the house, cutting, watering, skirting and decorating…GONE!

Lumberjack cutting xmas tree
The eggnog stays, just drunk earlier…and longer.

The Tastes of Christmas Past

Putting the turkey in the oven at the break of dawn, making the dressing, baking the ham, baking the pies, mashing the potatoes and/or yams…GONE! Icing the beer stays—and cooling the wine.

I never liked the two giant meals, Thanksgiving and Christmas, just 30 days apart. Actually the Christmas dinner comes two weeks after the left-overs are just digested. So, the Christmas dinner always had to be creative. Different. Original. This year…Pulled Pork.

In so many places around the world, Christmas dinner is fish. I really love the French tradition. Not so much the oysters and smoked Salmon, but the 13 desserts which represent Jesus and the 12 apostles. Yeah…THIRTEEN DESSERTS!  I wouldn’t let that Christmas tradition ever die. A  slight twist in Poland where they serve 13 entrees, Entrees like beetroot soup, carp, potato dumplings and jellied pigs feet. That’s GONE before I even started.

I don’t want to go to Jamaica for Christmas and have curried goat. Nor do I want to even try the Romanian Christmas specialty of Toba (various cuttings of pork liver, boiled and packed into a pig stomach– like salami).

There are only a few tastes that must STAY. Mincemeat Pie with warm rum sauce. Leftover Santa’s cookies and milk and eggnog with whiskey or rum or brandy.

The Ghosts of Christmas Love

They all stay.
To my friends I say, I hope you know how much I value your friendship. I wish you a Merry Christmas and the hope we enjoy many more years together as friends.

To my kids, grand-kids and my wonderful wife, I say, I hope the happiness of Christmas time stays with you every day throughout the year and each day brings moments to cherish.
Merry Christmas

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8 Responses to Some Things Go, Some Stay

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    I could go for the 13 desserts, but even though I’m half Polish, I’d forego the 13 entries especially the jellied pig’s feet.
    Merry Christmas Dan!

  2. Mary says:

    And to you and yours, may your days be merry.

  3. fiddlrts says:

    I wouldn’t knock the curried goat. I had some Indian style goat curry once, and it was quite tasty. A bit like lamb, but not quite. I have no idea why goat is so rare in the US.

  4. Diane Frey says:

    Merry Christmas dear friend. Hope to see you again in 2015

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