He Really Sucked

I’ve always heard the “American Dream” story, and so have you. It’s not just in America that youngsters are told if they pursue their goals and work hard they will achieve success, it’s in most industrialized countries. The middle class always were afforded upward mobility. For the past decade, because of political changes in our country which has made our democracy an oligarchy, the life game has become tilted against the middle class.

History repeats itself, at least in America. We have had cyclical economic crashes, out of balance distribution of wealth and tilting of our democracy towards plutocrats and oligarchs. Then we the people wake up, rise up, get pissed and reform our broken government and give it another go.

In every cycle of expanding economic times the brilliant entrepreneurs appear and invent things that change the world.  During the “gilded age” in the latter years of the 19th century, there were so many entrepreneurial inventors that most of their names are lost in history.

One such name is Hubert Booth. Who the hell was Hubert Cecil Booth?

Hubert was an Englishman who worked hard in school and in 1892 became a civil engineer. He joined a firm that designed suspension bridges. He was very good at this job and also designed Ferris Wheels and entire factory layouts. But he had an idea that wouldn’t leave his brain.

Hubert was shown an air compressor system that was used to clean railway cars, especially passenger rail cars. He thought the compressed air system was inadequate and wondered if sucking air though some kind of filter would work better.

He cut various kinds of fabric, thick and thin, spread them over his lips and got down on his knees and took big gulping sucks of dirt, dust and detritus off the floor. Hubert was right. It worked. He won a patent for the very first vacuum cleaner in 1902.

Every modern vacuum cleaner uses Hubert Booth’s principle to vacuum floors.
vintage vacuum No, I’m not going to end on a punch line.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas day
and please enjoy the last remaining days of 2014.

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