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My father hated “big-box” stores. He always said, “Bigger don’t mean better.” I agreed then and mostly agree now. He also would say to me, “In the long run people will return to the stores where they get good service.” It looks like he was right about that, too.

In the 13 years since my father passed, I’ve watched hundreds of big-box stores fall on their ass. Too many to mention in one posting. Drug store chains, home improvement stores, groceries, music and video stores, electronics stores, dime stores, dozens of department store chains, auto parts stores, sports stores, specialty clothing and shoe stores, all those stupid catalog showrooms, furniture stores, office supply stores and toy stores.

Jeff Bezos decided to make Amazon the biggest bad-ass super big-box store ever. ONLINE! And they sell everything!
Amazon logo cart
So far he is doing it right. And I have to say, their customer service would make my pop smile.

This is not an advertisement for Amazon Prime Membership. Yes, I’m a Prime Member of Amazon. Most of my friends and family are Prime Amazonians. The cost is $99 a year. Worth it?  I think so.

Besides getting tons of FREE movies, music and video, free book lending library of tens of thousands of books, one free Kindle book every month and 2 days FREE shipping on all Prime products I order, there are little miracles that happened occasionally.

My little Amazon miracle this past weekend is tied to Yahoo. I am also a Yahoo Yodeler.

No…I don’t go yahooooooooo in my sweet soprano voice. We Yahoo Yodelers like to think we are important Yahoo consultants. We do surveys about things we like—We Yodelers look at videos, logos, print ads and tell Yahoo what we think. We helped Yahoo with their recently changed ‘logo’ and we also have just finished re-designing Yahoo’s home page.  It’s very bitching.

What this has to do with Amazon is a Yahoo-Yodeler reward. Recently Yahoo thanked me for my input on various stuff and on last Friday, they emailed me an Amazon $20 gift coupon. What would I buy with my Amazon gift card?

Instead of buying something for me, I decided to gain heavy home-points (these are sometimes used to subtract honey-dos or gain honey-dos…you figure it out). Anyway, I told my wife she could use the Amazon coupon and I would double it and she could have an Amazon Prime product of her choosing. Order it and get it ‘freight-free’ in two days. It turns out the timing was great.

She needed a clutch purse to go with her New Year’s Eve outfit. Cool!

We found the perfect style, color and price and late Friday evening we hit the “purchase” button. Amazon thanked me and said the clutch purse would be delivered on Monday. How can you beat that?

Around lunch-time on Saturday I was perusing my e-mail and there was a note from Amazon. It said, sorry buster, but we are having trouble clearing your debit card purchase. You better check with your bank because it is declined.  Yikes!

After punching numerous numbers at the BofA service center, I finally spoke to a live-person. It seems they shut down the card because it looked like a mad-man had started using my debit card all over the country. After assuring the Bank lady that, yes, I did buy those supplements from Florida, the flowers for delivery from Indiana, things from Minnesota and seven gift cards from Amazon, she thanked me and said my card would now be Okay to use.

But what about the clutch bag and my heavy-duty points?  When would it be delivered? Who knows.

I went back online to Amazon and re-submitted my debit card at mid-afternoon on Saturday. The ‘thank-you-for-your-purchase’ note said we would be getting the delivery of the clutch purse on Tuesday. Good timing, because we’re heading out early for a three-day celebration of the New Year. I hoped it would be here by Tuesday noon.

Yesterday, Sunday, my door-bell rang at exactly 11:05 AM. I opened the front door and there was a parcel from Amazon with the clutch purse. A USPS truck (Sunday delivery from the Post office no less…and it’s after Christmas) was pulling away from the curb and the driver gave me a friendly wave.
USPS TruckI looked at the large padded envelope and it had come from the “Purse Boutique” in Hebron, Kentucky.

My jaw is permanently slacked open. That package was in my hands (free freight) just 20 hours after I had ordered it. The order had to be processed, sent to the fulfillment center in Kentucky and shipped to California…all accomplished in just under 20 hours.

Amazon Rules!

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