Wacky or Tacky?

A tacky moment in history: The king of 10th Century Burma, King Theinhko, had been on a long hunting trip when he was separated from his hunting party. He was tired, thirsty and hungry. He ate a cucumber from a farmer’s field without permission. The farmer killed the King and took the throne. The Queen accepted the new King because she didn’t want bloodshed in the kingdom. The new King was known as the Cucumber King. The story is in the Burmese Chronicles, but may be a fairy tale.

There’s a fungus amongus and its commonly called the Humongus Fungus. It’s in a National Forest in Oregon and is considered to be the single largest living organism. This particular mushroom has been growing for over 2400 years and covers 3 ½ square miles…seriously. It mostly grows underground, but in the autumn one can see the honey-covered giant mushroom blooming. Here is an aerial view. This isn’t tacky, but very wacky.
Giant Mushroom

Our local franchised Hallmark Card store was to be closed by Hallmark’s orders a few years ago. A huge letter-writing/emailing and phone campaign forced Hallmark to change their mind. It’s a wonderful store with great sales people. There is still something nice about receiving an actual card with an actual note and signature from a friend or family member. Someone thought enough about you to drive to the store, pick out a card, pay for it, buy a stamp, sign the card and get it mailed. During the Christmas season I was at the Hallmark store when I came across a group of cards marked “encouragement” and meant to be sent to folks who have lost their job. I wonder how your friend who just got laid-off from the oil fields would feel about getting a card from you, who has a nice job. Seems tacky to me.

Do you ever fight that “tacky” feeling on Facebook when after reading about a friend telling the world about his surgery, or her daughters horrible sickness, or his pet dying, you fight yourself about clicking the “like” button, but you see that 110 people already did so it must be Okay.

Every October in Portland, Maine, there is a huge Fall Festival on Sunday River. The highlight of the celebration is the “Wife-Carrying Competition.” The winners get to compete in the World Championship “Wife-Carrying Competition” in Finland the following summer. The man must carry his wife or any female over a 278 yard obstacle course featuring sand traps, log hurdles and the famous “widow-maker” water hazard. The most popular method of carrying is pictured here…the wife holds the male around the waist and tightens her legs around his neck so his hands are free.

The winner wins the wife’s weight in beer, 5x her weight in cash and of course the entry to the World Championship in Finland. Is this wacky or tacky? Or both?

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