I know you don’t have time to “get involved” with political crap. I understand.
Neither do I.

HOWEVER, there’s something coming to a head now and there isn’t one of you who will benefit from this thing if the WRONG Big Corporations have their way.

This thing is called Net Neutrality. It is what we have now and always had.

You and I can help stop it from changing. Sometimes it’s tough choosing which big companies we allow to rule us.
Boys Fighting

In this case the answer is very clear.

Let’s face it; every morsel of food at our supermarkets is controlled by BIG corporations. Every drop of fuel we burn is controlled by BIG corporations. Every TV show you watch is controlled by BIG corporations. The seeds that grow our food is owned and controlled by BIG corporations. Our prescriptions drugs are controlled by BIG corporations.

The one and only place we the citizens have freedom is the internet. I have the power to choose between various telecom companies (cable, phone, wireless, etc) to bring the internet into my home to my computers, my phones, my TVs and my tablets. I have the right to buy “speed.” No not meth, internet speed. I can also buy a fast computer and a fast wireless modem. Then my apps and selected search engines, my Facebook, my Pinterest, this Blog I write are basically delivered to you and me at those speeds.

Some of YOUR best friends in Congress want to change that.  WHY!

My own Congressman, Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority leader, wants to change that. Ask him why? He mumbles a bunch of crap about regulations. He doesn’t give a damn about his constituents, just the money. (it would be called bribes in any other country)

Let me try to explain in simple terms about NET NEUTRALITY.

If you choose to pay for the Netflix service, you get the movies and shows they offer from their computers to yours. If you enjoy buying TV shows or movies to download to your computer they will download at whatever speed the modem you own allows.

If you choose to search for a website on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or whatever, you have the same search speed that you pay for with your telecom deliverer plus the speed of your computer.

BUT the BIG corporations that deliver your internet have decided they want to control the speed of delivery of your Netflix, your Google, and yes…your Facebook.

Who are these control freaks?  Comcast, Verizon, AT&T—all the companies that deliver your selected programming.

Who wins?  The most money wins.

So…Comcast, who owns NBC, might want to deliver their programming much faster than Netflix…after all, they are rivals for your viewing time.

So those giant BIG corporations are throwing money (Bribing) our congressmen to allow this to happen. They are lying and saying the government wants to regulate the internet. And of course they say “regulation” means no FREE MARKET.  Wrong!

Don’t believe the lying liars. The FCC is being asked to make the internet a public utility so BIG corporate telecom money does not control the speed of flowing information. Becoming a public utility will insure the internet will stay the way it has always been. If they don’t make it a utility (regulate it) we will experience the same phony “free markets” that we experience with drugs and food. Controlled by BIG corporations.

Here’s where the money is flowing and here’s the sides that are fighting the battles.

Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Cisco and BIG TELECOM have given $750,000 to the Republican Senatorial Committee and $750,000 to the Republican Congressional Committee to allow them to control the internet speeds.

Facebook, Google, Netflix and six other “tech” companies have given $482,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Committee and $366,000 to the Democratic Congressional Committee.

There it is….the bribes are in. Line up and choose sides.

Republicans want BIG TELECOM to be able to charge for “fast lanes” on the internet.
Democrats want the internet to be a public utility so BIG TELECOM can’t decide who gets to travel on the “fast lanes.”

I have to say, you and I have to be on the sides of our “tech” companies….Facebook, Google, Netflix, etc. The Republicans disappoint me. They have lined up on the wrong side of this fight. Don’t they realize that if a BIG telecom company has a “pro-choice” board of directors they might decide that “pro-life” organizations should be slowed down on the internet? Regulation to insure Net Neutrality has long been advocated by conservative and liberal users of the internet. We can’t allow our apps to be “slowed down” in favor of something the telecom companies want to shove in our faces.

If any users of the internet reading this post can give me ONE good reason why we shouldn’t have Net Neutrality (the way we have always had it) speak up.

If you can’t, then please write Mr. Tom Wheeler of the FCC and ask him to make the internet a Public Utility so the BIG corporations keep their greedy hands OFF. Mr. Wheeler has publicly stated consumer letters mean plenty to him. He wants to know how YOU feel.

The decision is going to be made before the end of this month. Here is Mr. Wheeler’s email. Tell him to keep the internet just like it is…Keep BIG TELECOM where they are now. Insure Net Neutrality.


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  1. Mary says:

    McCarthy’s biggest contributors are based in the Silicon Valley. I think it is hilarious that any Kern County residents think he represent us. Nope, he’ll throw us under the bus to make sure they get their way.

    I’ll let my views known though. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I sent an email to the Tom Wheeler address you listed supporting net neutrality. Thanks for this, Dan.

  3. Tom Behler says:

    I also sent a supporting email to Tom Wheeler. Thanks Dan.

  4. Jim Robinson says:

    Okay, behind the communication eight-ball as always, but I still have a voice. At this point, I don’t know if my email would be moot, but I think I’ll send one anyway. I’m for net neutrality. I’m for the death of Monsanto, the most evil corporation ever to inhabit our planet – unless you want to talk Phizer and Eli Lilly, who also make money by poisoning consumers of their products. Keep hitting for distance.

    • bakoheat says:

      Thanks for writing, Jim. I love a man with opinions. Net Neutrality is looking good so far. The weak-lying arguments against it look silly no matter how much money they spend lobbying to buy votes. It’a little different when Big Oil throws Big Bucks to buy congressman and make science, truth and reason seem wrong. I love it when I here idiots in Congress, or on the street, say, “Well, I’m no scientist, but I don’t believe scientists.”

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