The Enemy of My Anime is My Friend

I’ve missed lots of things over the decades. I blanked out when my youngest kid started blasting “rap” around the house in the mid ‘80s. I had “been-there done-that” with my albums of Gil Scott Heron from the early ‘70s. I traveled far distances to see and hear him and loved his music. The difference…he rapped with chord changes, jazz, blues and actual music. When I tried to listen to my son’s rap, one chord, one beat, words mostly covered up with too-loud beats, I hated it. Still do. It’s an art form, I will give you that, it’s just not the art form of music. Hip-Hop improved upon the art form by introducing real music.

If you old farts want to hear the rap I love, check out “The Revolution will Not Be Televised.” 1971—Gil Scott Heron:


I guess I missed the entire decade of the ‘90s. Sorry about that. The music sucked. But the fads were even worse. I kept head-phones on and wore dark shades the entire decade. No, I didn’t collect “Beanie-Babies” “Furbys” “Tickle-Me-Elmos” or dance the Macarena. Somehow I missed roller-blading, tongue-piercing and paying $1 a minute to suck on oxygen. All the boy-bands (Backstreet Boys, New Edition, N’Sync, New Kids On The Block, 98 Degrees) and the one girl-band (Spice Girls) just didn’t do it for me. I started listening to Sports Talk or playing CDs in the car. No More Radio Music Ever!

The 21st century has its own groups of fads and it looks like I’m still stuck in the past. The two big new fads are certainly not new. I was reading comic books in the ‘50s. Just never could have imagined dressing up like one of my favorite characters, except on Halloween. But the Comic-Con craze is here, it’s real and it’s GIGANTIC!
Comic Con 1

Comic Con 2


 The other HUGE fad is Anime. It’s not new. It is an art that has different meanings in different countries. In America we used the word “Anime” to mean Japanese animated Film or Television. In Japan they used the word “Anime” to mean all forms of animated art from around the world. The Japanese introduced this art form in theater in 1912. Not new.

In the ‘60s, Japanese film and TV were showing lots of anime. The problem was getting it to the USA. We had decades of differences with our formats. Honk Kong and Taiwan introduced Video CDs (VCD) in the ‘80s but our broadcasters wanted nothing to do with it because of security (copying) problems. It was the old VHS tapes of the ‘90s that could be played in Japan and America that started the popularity.

It has grown bigger than ever. Now kids and grown-ups dress like cartoon characters from Japan and hold conventions. There’s a large one in Bakersfield this weekend. It’s called Bak-Anime. It’s like Comic-Con, only more bazaar.
Anime Girl

anime girl 2Anime 1


 I’m thinking I’ll start collecting Beanie-Babies and listening to The Spice Girls and maybe I’ll start to catch up.

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3 Responses to The Enemy of My Anime is My Friend

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    My daughter and my friend’s daughter were into New Kids on the Block, way back when. We made the mistake of taking them to a concert in Fresno. Worst mistake of my life. The screaming from 10,000+ little girls was enough to make a person deaf for a long, long time. They had fun and my friend and I were ever-so-thankful we’d remembered to take and wear earplugs.

  2. fiddlrts says:

    You did make a classic “seasoned citizen” mistake in this post, I must, as a sort-of whippersnapper, point out. NKOTB was from my generation – the 80s. NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, etc., where the bands our cousins 10 years younger listened to. CLEARLY not nearly as good as the stuff we had 🙂

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