Many Modes

My plan for this post, Monday, was to write it on Amtrak on Sunday evening. I love our Amtrak service heading to the Bay Area. I’ve wrote about it before. The two-level seating is cool, but I love the 2nd level booths with tables. It’s like sitting in a ‘50s malt shop.

I loved those malt shops and juke boxes. I could sit and spin through those song titles for hours. And I did.
table juke box

 But back to Amtrak

Instead of the little juke box on the wall, there’s a window, but under the window is a double wall socket to plug in tablet, phone and laptop. The wireless on the train is excellent, so it’s a rolling office. The window scene changes from thousands of acres of almond trees to thousands of acres of pistachio trees to thousands of farting cows to thousands of acres. It doesn’t take long to get busy writing. That’s what I need to do. That’s what I love to do.

But, I can’t plan for writing this post on Amtrak. I’m sitting home Friday evening writing for Monday, Amtrak called me an hour ago and said, “We’re working on the track Sunday night so there will be some other modes of transportation in part of your trip.”  What? Other? Modes?

It took some calls and some wait-time, but I finally got the skinny. I’m doing many modes on Sunday. Many Modes. Could be a used-car dealer….Manny Modes.

I’m doing a weekend meeting in Oakland at a Hotel at the Oakland airport. You can’t get there from here.

I have to be there from mid-afternoon Saturday till late-afternoon Sunday. I have three options.
DRIVE. Easy, done it hundreds of times actually. Don’t want to. It’s 4 ½ hours of agony…each way.
FLY: Sure, why not. It’s 6 ½ hours of agony….each way. That’s right two hours longer than driving. Part of the deal is sitting 3 ½ hours in Phoenix.  I told you…can’t get there from here.
ROLL: That’s what I want to do.  Six hours by Amtrak.  They have very nice choices of wine and beer. The food isn’t bad, not good, just not bad and I love to have my writing time.
Amtrak California
But, like I said, I just got a phone call from Amtrak. Here’s what’s happening on the Sunday trip from Oakland to Bakersfield.

Leaving Oakland Airport area I get on the BART (Bay-Area Rapid Transit), the subway that is also elevated in stretches and take it to the Oakland Coliseum (Home of the hapless Raiders and wonderful A’s). I get off the subway and walk across the platform to another BART (elevated) and take it to Richmond, California.
BART_trainI walk across the platform to the Amtrak station and go do an “All-Aboard.”  I ride the train from Richmond to Stockton for 90 minutes. I get off the train and walk across the platform to the Bus.
Amtrak Bus
I ride the Bus from Stockton to Modesto (75 miles). I get off the bus and get on the train and ride to Bakersfield (200 miles).

Hopefully at that time, 12:30am, my car is still in the Amtrak lot.

That’s why I wrote this from home on Friday. Who knows if the world still exists?

If it does, I’ll be back here on Wednesday.

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2 Responses to Many Modes

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    Thank you for your selfless dedication to WOK and going through all the “modes” to get home from Oakland. But just think – if it would have been a quick trip up and back you wouldn’t have been able to write this humorous post. 🙂

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