Why Bako Heat?

That’s what someone asked me the other day. Why do you call your blog “Bako Heat.”

If you’ve ever lived in Bako you understand about “heat.” The summers can stay above 100 for weeks, months. But it’s dry, damn it, it’s dry.  You know, like an oven is dry, too.

The other reason I was asked is because this lady is one of the “protectors” of the proud dignity of Bakersfield. Really?. She and some other “protectors” think we should not refer to it with such a stupid name as “Bako.”   I don’t care. I like Bako and I’ll call it Bako forever. I even like living in Bako. Couldn’t ask for better friends, more fun or greater food…anywhere.
Welcome to Bako
I wrote a song (yes, it’s registered) called “Bako Heat.” I wrote it in 2002, about a year after I moved here from the 55 degree summers of Half Moon Bay.  Another reason I liked the name Bako Heat. It’s my song, damn it.

As for the dignity of the name Bakersfield, I don’t feel it. I know that “locals” in other town across American are also outraged at nicknames for their cities.

The locals in Las Vegas HATE to hear it called “Vegas.”  The locals in San Francisco will shoot you if you say, “Frisco.” The locals in Sacramento don’t like “SacTown.” And the people in Indianapolis hate “NapTown.” (Of course I prefer Indian No Place). My home town of Lafayette has two choices.  “Lay Flat” or “Laff Alot” Both equally fine with me.
I know the locals in Philadelphia don’t like “Philly.” (They don’t have to worry…I always refer to it as “shit-ugly” anyway)

The secondary reason I call it Bako Heat is I like to bring down the heat on Bako sometimes. I like to talk about the people who throw dirty diapers out their car windows. I might mention the filthy air causing 27% of our kids to have asthma. I might speak unkindly about the President of the High School Board who doesn’t believe in Evolution. I might bring up the fact we are tied with Mississippi in most teen-pregnancies in the USA and most of the folks here do NOT believe in sex education in our schools.

Other than that I have no other reason for this blog’s name. I almost named it “Bako Ice” but that would really be stupid.
Bako Ice

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5 Responses to Why Bako Heat?

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Oddly, I don’t hear people from my hometown object to “LA.” Embrace the nicknames, people!

  2. Robert D. Levinson says:

    Had a golfing bud that called it Bake, which seemed apt to me! I’m a Bake native damn it!

  3. Jim Robinson says:

    My website can be found at http://www.bakomutt.com, which has been my domain since 2001. So hey, I’m fine with Bako Heat. And trust me, it’s going to take more than an abbreviated name to impact the “dignity” of our fair city. She might be the red-headed bastard stepchild of California, but she’s our red-headed bastard stepchild. For all of the names I’ve called Bakersfield over the years, it’s been my home since 1991, and for every bad thing I’ve experienced since my arrival, one and a half good things followed right on its heels.
    For the record, I came to Bakersfield from Boscawen (pronounced “Bos-quine” by its inhabitants), New Hampshire. The nearest big city was Beantown. All in all, “Bako” isn’t such a bad moniker.

    • bakoheat says:

      Thanks for writing, Jim. I agree with you about good things happening after moving to Bako. I’ve been here 14 years and the good things far outnumber the bad. However, I do a lot of traveling in July, August and early September.

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