Think About It

When a person writes stuff three times a week, like I do, one sometimes runs out of ideas and things to say (like three times a week.)

I read four or five books at once…well, not at once, but they are all situated in places that give me reading opportunity. (bedside, car, john, favorite chair in den, office)…I just listed five places and there is a book waiting at each now.
books stackedI forgot the three or four magazines I also have started. They are kept with the books and in other places. There are usually two magazines and the daily fishwrap at my small kitchen table. I’m the only one that eats there…usually breakfast and maybe some tea and cookies in the afternoon.

Many things I read give me ideas to write about in this space.

Then there are dozens of online links that are stocked with so-called writing prompts. WordPress, the host for this website, has a couple writers that are always sending out writing prompts. They are usually two or three strange sentences that are supposed to get me excited about a particular topic. I’ve never used one of their writing prompts…until today.

In fact I’m going to steal two or three today and not write about them but just throw them YOUR way and let you think about them. Maybe you want to write about them. Maybe you can write about them in the comments section below.

Whatever…don’t hurt yourself or take too much time out of your busy day, but here are a few things I could write about but don’t want too. Instead I encourage you to  THINK ABOUT IT and make up your own answers. I bet they will be great!

  • You have been exiled to a private island. Your captors will only supply you with FIVE foods. What do you pick?
    Private Island


  • You wake up tomorrow morning and find all your plans and/or work has been cancelled for the next week. You find $10,000 cash lying on your dresser. Tell us about your next seven days!
  • Take one coin out of your pocket (or chair cushion or jar) and look at the year printed on the coin. What were you doing that year?
  • Vanilla, Chocolate…or something else entirely?


HEY!  Have a great weekend. I’m going to.

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3 Responses to Think About It

  1. mzrubyred says:

    That’s easy I would demand from my captors crusty cobs, butter, mature cheese and red onion washed down with vimto squash. Mmmm hungry, mouth dribbling, off to kitchen …

    • bakoheat says:

      Thanks for writing, Mz Ruby. I found your food choices quite fascinating. I knew of six types of squash (Acorn, Pumpkin, Blue Pumpkin, Butternut, Kabocha and Delicata) I was curious what the Vimto Squash was. How wonderful! It’s a drink. I must taste it. Is it in America? And then came the crusty cobs. To me, an old Hoosier from Indiana, that meant old corn cobs that have rotted in the fields. Once again I check the English cupboard and it turns out it’s a wonderful bread. Thank you for teaching me two new things. I have a handle of the red onion, butter and mature cheese.

      • mzrubyred says:

        Oh how silly of me to not even think that you may not even know my food choices but I love people that go and find the info out. I’m unsure if you can get the vimto squash in America I hope you can because it tastes delicious. As for the crusty cobs they are a weakness of mine especially if you make a little hole take the filling out and stuff them with hot chips ( would that be French fries for you?). When I have these it takes me back to my younger days when my nan used to take me to Weymouth seaside. That is on the south coast of Britain where the sea is as blue as the sky, it is a beautiful place. You may find it interesting to look up about Punch and Judy as that’s where we used to sit and listen to stories. Nice to meet you, enjoy your weekend 🙂 let me know if you ever get to taste vimto squash!

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