Birds Can’t Tweet

I can…but don’t. There is no bigger time-suck than Twitter. Facebook is like a cool glass of lemonade compared to the waterboarding of Twitter. Yet, it is so big, so enormously big it’s hard to comprehend.
A few years ago everyone was, and many still are, wrapped up in Angry Birds.
Angry twitter bird
But then came the TWITTER BIRD.

Somehow, hundreds of millions of folks follow other folks who “tweet” not-too-often brilliant 140 characters or less, usually containing a link to a video, blog, picture or pages of pontification. Then one clicks on the link and spends another chunk of time following the stuff that the one you’re following wants you to see or listen to.

Twitter is one of the many social media sites I use to connect this blog to the world outside of Bakersfield. I post this blog on Facebook, Tumblr, Bloglovin, Linkedin, Google+, WordPress, email addresses of followers and good old Twitter.

I don’t understand Twitter, but it can create amazing ping-ponging of one’s words all over the damn globe.

I have to confess, I have never posted a “tweet” other than my 3x per week posts on this blog. It’s an automatic posting so I do nothing. It somehow shows up on Twitter and thousands sometimes click on it.

I looked into the statistics and Twitter is mind-blowing. Let me pass on some numbers and see if they also blow your mind like they do mine.

First some odds and ends: Bill Cosby has 4, 054, 702 followers. Whole Food Markets has about the same.
Bill Clinton has 3, 022, 616 followers, just a few hundred thousand more than Donald Trump.

If I may borrow from Letterman, I would like to feature the top 10 most followed Twitters.  Some you’ll understand because of the “pop culture” of music and the young. Many are following the same group. Others may shock you. Starting with #10:

10         Ellen DeGeneris                     39, 738. 765
9          Britney Spears                         40,904, 041 (she just won’t go away)
8          Rihanna                                   41, 247, 169
7          Justin Timberlake                    42, 126, 070
6          Lady Gaga                              44, 455, 297
5          YouTube                                 49, 078, 608
4          Taylor Swift                            53, 084, 445
3          Barack Obama                      55, 355, 154 (check that out)
2          Justin Bieber                           60, 679, 203
1          Katy Perry                               65, 654, 090
This digital age is astounding. To be able to reach the tweet-decks of 50-60 million people around the world every day is mind-boggling.

So it’s okay if you follow me @bakoheat on Twitter. Just have a few hours free.
twitter bird

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2 Responses to Birds Can’t Tweet

  1. fiddlrts says:

    I can’t believe you resisted the urge to put a video of “Rockin’ Robin” on this post 😉

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