When the Red Red Robin Comes

When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbing along……..along
There’ll be no more sobbin’ when he starts throbbing… his old… sweet song
Wake up– wake up you sleepy head….get up– get up get out of bed
Cheer up– cheer up– the sun is red…live, love, laugh and be happy

Yes, some songwriter made money writing those words. (actually it was a guy named Harry Woods) {no relation to Tiger}
A few days ago I wrote about Twitter and Tweets. A comment from a wise friend of my blog made a comment about robins. I made a smart-ass comment back about robins being the state bird of Indiana. I believe I might have said another smart-ass comment but you’ll have to look that one up.

Actually I forgot…the state bird of Indiana is the Cardinal, a much prettier bird than the robin. Michigan, Wisconsin and Connecticut all claim the Robin as their State Bird.

My post today is about robins. My friend in Ohio said she has had a big fat robin visiting her patio every day this month. Do you know how frigging cold it has been in Ohio this month? What the hell is the matter with that bird?  He’d like it better out here in LaLa Land.

Since the Indiana state bird was another ridiculous fact we had to memorize in elementary school; besides our multiplication tables and stations of the cross, I’m surprised I forgot already what the state bird was.

What I do remember is writing an essay on the robin. I don’t know which psycho-nun made me do that, but I remember a few interesting facts. I have a feeling these are facts you didn’t want to know and don’t want me to tell you. Sorry, I’m on a roll.

A few species of birds, and the robin is one, can only lay ONE egg each day. Yet, you’ll see a nest of little baby robins all with open beaks begging for their morning worms.
baby robins

And they are all born close to the same time. How, you may ask. Some of you still don’t care to learn this most interesting fact. I feel sorry for you.

The momma robin lets the early eggs “cool” in the nest, and she’ll sit on the brand new ones to get them to catch up. She remembers the early eggs from the late ones and moves her butt around them in unequal amounts and “presto” they all hatch very close together.

The American Robin was named after the European Robin because they both have red breasts. Weird reason. The American Robin is part of the Thrush bird family and the European Robin is part of the Flycatcher bird family.

Now, go to work and feel better about yourself. Just don’t tell the people at work about this. They really don’t want to know.

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4 Responses to When the Red Red Robin Comes

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    They also lay the prettiest speckled eggs. Thanks for all the info, I learned something new today. 🙂

  2. fiddlrts says:

    Isn’t “blogger” another word for “smart ass”? Just like “lawyer” is another word for “professional smart ass”…;)

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  4. Catherine says:

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