We Prevented Cable Company F..kery

Yes we win. We won!  We, the common folk, have our internet the way we want it.

Here’s the deal, folks. This is not a political corner.
Until today.

I can’t believe my close friends, some of my best friends are so ignorant. They mimic Fox News talking points about how horrible it is that the FCC has now guaranteed (for a few years at least) we have our internet unencumbered by those bastard cable companies.

These close friends of mine don’t have a clue what has been going on. I know it hasn’t been reported much over these last 12 years, but that’s how long this fight has been going on. One of my friends even mimicked the complete idiot, Senator Ted Cruz, and said that this internet thing (Obamanet) is worse than Obamacare.

NET NEUTRALITY is about the last freedom we had left.
Corporatists already control our Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Transportation, Media, and everything we buy.

Since 2003, hundreds of millions of dollars have poured into lobbyist hands, politicians (98% Republicans) coffers, and lawyers bank accounts…all from the cable companies…you know, the guys who want to control the speed of the internet. They have almost won these legal battles and nine months ago it looked as if indeed they would win. Win what?

They would be able to “decide” at what speed programming I choose comes to my computer. Think about Comcast, the largest cable and broadcasting company in the world, just think about them. They own NBC Universal, Telemundo, E-entertainment, Golf Channel, Universal Pictures and hundreds of entertainment venues all over the world.

Comcast is rated LAST in customer service. Why do you think I called them bastards? They are. They also have the 7th largest lobbying budget of all companies in the USA. They feel all their money gives them the right to decide how fast programming is streamed to my computer and our Televisions which will be our computers in a couple years. If I want to build a company that provides a service to you folks out there. Let’s say I have a company called Netflix and I want to send movies to you for a subscription price. But, golly gee whiz, Comcast has movies too. So they want me to pay extra to send my movies over the internet. If I don’t pay extra they might take an awful long time to load and my subscribers will grow bored and turn to Universal movies which are streaming at breakneck speed.

We’ve always had “net neutrality” but since 2003, these cable providers have been battling in courts and in congress to give them these rights. Nine months ago it looked bad. But the only strategy to STOP them was to have the FCC declare the internet a public utility. Therefore it can be regulated (oh people hate that word). We need it regulated people. Just like we need the banks and Wall Street regulated.

That’s what happened yesterday. It’s not Obamacare. It’s not the end of the world. It’s the best thing we got to keep the internet the way we have always had it. And like it.

If any of my friends really think we operate in a “Free Market” democracy I need to have a serious talk with them.

Last June, John Oliver tackled the Net Neutrality business. He explains it much better than me and a lot funnier, too.



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2 Responses to We Prevented Cable Company F..kery

  1. fiddlrts says:

    For what it’s worth, my *younger* conservative friends have been beating the drum for net neutrality for years. I think they *get* it, because the net is their territory. Cable and telecoms represent much of what we whippersnappers dislike about Boomer culture (sorry, present company excepted…), just like broadcast represents our grandparents’ generation. (See Jennings, Peter.)

    Of course, those who are huge Ted Cruz and Faux News fans – mostly my parents’ generation (again, apologies) are about the only people I know who actually oppose net neutrality.

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