Who Do You Trust?

In 1957 a stupid game show came on TV called Who Do You Trust? It aired every day at 4:30. A thirty minute game show played by couples. The category about the question was presented to one of the pair and that person had to decide to answer the question or “trust” the spouse to answer correctly. Very boring, very stupid.

Then ABC made a wise decision one year later. They moved the time-slot to 3:30 and hired a new M.C. to host the show. Johnny Carson. He was hilarious. He was joined by a new announcer named Ed McMahon. They did the show until 1962. Huge ratings.

NBC grabbed Carson and McMahon to take the place of Jack Parr on the “Tonight Show” and they were together for the next 30 years.
Johnny and Ed

 I remembered the above trivia after hearing those words on a radio talk show. “Who Do You Trust?” The host was talking about a recent poll on trust.

Obviously most people Do Not trust the government. I understand that.
The thing I don’t understand is how most people trust Big Corporations. You know, the actual folks that are making most of our decisions. We love them. We want them to pay as low as wages as they can get by with. We want them to decide the products, food, autos, and homes that are best for us. And of course we want them to pay little or no taxes. We are proud of their intelligence when they move their headquarters overseas to avoid paying taxes. We hate it when the government regulates or taxes them.

We seem to trust the internet. We don’t do much reading anymore. We’re very busy taking pictures of our food. We never think we are losing more and more privacy.

I always love those detective shows when the star-detective calls “somebody” special and asks them to get information on a particular suspect. They always promise to make it up to them. They always know the right people in the right places.
Sam Spade

Well, you can now be the right person to find out anything about anybody in a few minutes.

Go ahead, type in your name at this online site: http://www.instantcheckmate.com/

As you watch the little spinning search engines looking for personal information, known addresses, relatives, traffic offenses, court citations, sex offenses, licenses and all social media information, you will feel a strange sense of your life passing before you.

At some point, names of people, ex-wives, children, etc. will pop up and tell you that some of these people have traffic records and “maybe” more. They politely ask…”Should we go on?”

Yes, yes, yes, feed me these secrets; give me everything you’ve got.

Finally, a finished report about YOU is ready. But then a pretty lady steps onto your screen and says, “Hold on, buddy, this information you’re about to get could be very sensitive. You must promise you will not use this info to do harm.”

You agree, you check the boxes saying you will not stalk, sue, fire, harm or, in the case of an outstanding warrant, you will not try to apprehend or approach this person. Now give me my damn report.

You click for the printed report.

Alas, the final truth of the website blooms forth. It cost them a great deal of money to find all this sensitive information about you and your relatives (or whoever you are looking into) and therefore please subscribe to this service. It ain’t cheap.


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