Utterly Useless Information

If you need to smart-off today to somebody, here is some strange but true facts.

The tallest giraffe today is less than 1/3 the size of the tallest dinosaur from the past.

Stephen Cleveland is kind of a catchy name, but I guess he didn’t like it. He used his middle name and became President Grover Cleveland. The rumors persisted as he was running for President that he had fathered an ill-legitimate child. He held a press conference and said, Yes I did that. I take full responsibility. And the people elected him. Twice.  But, not consecutively. He’s the only US President to serve two non-consecutive terms. You can call him #22 and #24.

Grover Cleveland

 Sony has had some interesting people lead the company over the past six decades. I thought the one President was the coolest that decided the average length of their blank CD’s should hold 74 minutes of music. He made that determination because he wanted to make sure ONE CD would hold the longest known recording of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.


Facebook and their “Like” button is weird when people put in death notices, family members suffering from dreaded stuff, etc. We automatically want the friends who are posting this sad but relevant material to know we have read the info, so we click on “like.” It always feels strange.”
HOWEVER, the original engineers on the Facebook project had chosen a different word for that button which was changed right before it launched. The original word was “Awesome.” How would that make you feel when your friend posts about his wife dealing with some awful scourge?
Awesome Pic


Indiana has been getting a lot of flack for their recent law that makes stupidity a religion. Doing dumb things by Indiana law-makers isn’t new. In 1897 they introduced a bill to make and teach “PI” as 3.12 (instead of its infinite value of 3.1415etc). It almost became law until a Purdue Engineering Professor went down to the state house and intervened with scientific evidence.


I have to admit that many years ago I was a “Columbia Record Club” member. Yuk! In the ‘60s they had a huge warehouse operation in Terre Haute, Indiana, just 90 miles south of my home. If you joined that silly club, you got free records, sometimes as many as 12 for a penny. I enrolled my Grandmother so I could get 24 free records and only have to buy another dozen or so and then quit the club. I thought I was smart. Until I found my patron saint, Joe Parvin.
In 2000, the 60-year-old was prosecuted for having received, between 1993 and 1998, nearly 27,000 CDs, using over 2000 fake accounts and 16 P.O. boxes. All told, he bilked Columbia House (and rival BMG) out of $425,000 of product, selling them at flea markets.

I don’t know why Grandma didn’t think of that.

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One Response to Utterly Useless Information

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Anytime we thing politics is negative these days, it doesn’t hurt to recall how nasty it was in the 1800s.

    “Ma, ma, where’s my pa?” “Gone to the White House, ha, ha, ha!”

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