I know it’s Friday, but “Thank God It’s Over” fits.

Most of you have already buried your parents (sorry, but I don’t have young readers). I have no patent or claim to those painful memories. Odds are though, I probably was luckier than most to have a Mom for over seven decades.

There was 125 folks attending the Funeral Mass for Mom on Tuesday and many told me the funeral was beautiful. One older friend of Mom said it was the most beautiful funeral she had ever attended. Well…I never thought the word beautiful could fit a funeral, but my Mom planned it so it would be beautiful.

St. Lawrence Church

When my Father died in 2001, my brother and I took Mom down to the funeral home to make arrangements. There is nothing worse than going through the mourning process while picking the “right” casket, the clothes, the flowers, etc. The list seems endless. Then one has to consider the price of that casket versus the other one. Not a good time to make decisions like that.  And my Mom decided my brother and I would not have to do that task. She planned and paid for every facet of her funeral fourteen years ago, just weeks after Dad passed.

She only made one mistake. Her chosen pall bearers were too old to lift her. (They were all my age.)She had picked all women for pall bearers (that was my Mom, a feminist before the word was invented).

My daughter, Joy, gave a beautiful eulogy talking about Mom’s last weeks at the Nursing Home. With her permission I will print her words in this space soon.

At the luncheon after the funeral I was asked more than a few times about a particular story I told in my eulogy. A friend said I should write about it in my blog. Okay. I will. Monday.


Today is catch-up day. My brain needs to join my body back in California. It’s still on overdrive running through the airport at Houston. Thanks to yesterday’s huge weather mess in Chicago, everything flying through the skies was delayed, cancelled or re-routed. I spent 21 hours from rising to arriving home. My suitcase and I took different flights out of Houston but we both made it. Because of my superb physical condition (ha) I naturally was thinking of another famous athlete sprinting through the airport just like me. The only difference was I wasn’t doing it to practice my fast getaway after murdering two people.

Check this video out. Have a great weekend.

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5 Responses to TGIO

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Hey, hey, now! I’m not THAT old! 😉

  2. Carol Pendleton says:

    Speak for yourself McGuire! I may look it but don’t consider myself old. However, very pleased that my hubby could do the job and not me.
    Your cuz

  3. Diane Frey says:

    You are in deep trouble – maybe you consider yourself old just because you look older than most of us. I think we all expect an apology.

    • bakoheat says:

      Dear Diane, I have to admit, you do look luscious. You’re probably like me and Rodney Dangerfield…
      “I’m at the age where food has taken the place of sex in my life.
      In fact, I’ve just had a mirror put over my kitchen table.”

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