I have the Uber and Lyft app on my phone. I’ve only used them a few times, but I’m a big supporter. We like to travel to San Francisco and would rather park the car and let Uber take us where ever.

Lyft was the perfect choice for our going and coming from our New Year’s Eve celebration in Newport Beach a few months ago. Leave the driving to them.

Uber started in San Francisco in 2009 and I signed up for it before it launched. We also like to ride the train to the bay area so Uber is always a second choice if BART can’t get us there efficiently. I have a thing for subways so BART is always first choice.

Copycats came on board quickly and Lyft also started in San Francisco in 2012. They are now in 65 USA cities. Uber is now in 200 cities in 55 countries. They are both good reliable inexpensive ways to get around a city.

The latest thing is becoming an Uberpreneur. If you have a nice personality and some common sense it’s easy to promote your craft or business as an Uber driver. Uber has no policies against promoting whatever you want to promote. However if a customer doesn’t want something shoved down their throat they will give the driver a low rating.   Low ratings and you will not get rides and eventually get cancelled.

So here is an Uber driver in San Francisco named Gavin Escolar.
Uberpreneur Gavin

Gavin immigrated to the Unites States to start his jewelry business. To make ends meet he started driving for Uber. He was able to make $3000 per month last year driving for Uber.

When you get into his car you notice the diamond earrings hanging from the rear-view mirror, the jewelry on the dashboard, catalogs in the seat pockets and if you ask, more jewelry samples in the glovebox.

Gavin is successful because he is tactful. If an Uber driver started hawking his wares when I get in the car he’s getting the lowest rating.

Driving for Uber last year Gavin did $252,000 in Jewelry orders. Gavin had 3829 passengers in 18 months with Uber.

He has the highest possible ratings on UberX, UberBlack and Lyft. This year he is buying six more cars and teaching drivers how to please customers and pass out his catalogs.
Next year he is going to personally drive a Tesla for his UberBlack pickups.

By the way, his jewelry is exceptional. Here is his online site:


If you have a product that you believe in and need to reach customers, think about being an Uberpreneur. And, like Gavin, be tactful please.

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One Response to Uberpreneurship

  1. Dennis says:

    The American dream lives on. What a great story. Thanks, Dan.

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