I’m glad Mad Men is winding down. I’m tired of it and this year is the weakest year ever. Of course it’s my opinion. To me they are trying desperately to tie up loose ends quickly even if it doesn’t feel right.

I always loved the premise and of course the setting. It was my era. I learned to sell in the sixties. I learned to close in the sixties.

Today advertising is totally different. The MTV era came and went, but the video format became the new “in” thing. Quick moving photos, sex splashed in the mix and hidden meanings that were at best shallow.

It left us with a new zeitgeist, a 21st. century template to advertise new products, new shows, new songs and new movies. Everything is fast, too fast, but isn’t that the idea?

Every once in a while a new ad pops up that is truly genius. Of course that is also my opinion.

I think the video below is one of those genius ads. I hear the “shaving blade” ads on the radio and they suck. I mean really…why should I have shaving blades sent to me monthly for a dollar a blade and $2 for shipping?
Man shaving

I shouldn’t and I won’t.

But, if I watch this guy who started that damn monthly shaving blade company one more time, he may have me.  He grabs me, I love him, I love his humor and his incredible camera work and timing. I feel I owe him my business even if his blades suck. What do you think?

Check it out. Maybe you would like shaving blades sent to you every month, who knows?

You too, ladies. Times are changing.
Lady shaving
Click on this: You will LOVE it!

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