Continuing Education 2020

May the Fourth be with you. (Star Wars Day)
May the Fifth be in you. (Cinco de Mayo)
May the Sixth be nothing but a hangover.
Happy May 6.

I still have a hangover in my writing(Education 2020) about our education system. I loved all the brilliant comments. The bad news is the right answers are the solutions that won’t work. Of course we need smaller classrooms, better paid teachers, less teaching to the test, more parental responsibility, etc. If we did all those things, guess what we would have? The same system we used to have when I went to school. It was wonderful. We all learned stuff. We can even make change.

It can’t happen. Why?

When I went to school I didn’t see 25% of my classmates being socio-economically challenged. POOR.  I mean POOR!

Sorry if I’m repeating myself, but the decision makers we depend on (Politicians) have NEVER HAD A JOB. They are fund raisers, and so far the poor folks are not paying them any money. The POOR don’t have lobbyists. Politicians don’t see POOR. They don’t see DISADVANTAGED people. They see rich people paying them. The real people who are running our country.

Why can’t the average person understand we do not have a democracy? It’s total bullshit. We have a Plutocracy. Period! Look the word up in the dictionary. Then argue with me.

You can always show me the ONE POOR KID in your community who had extraordinary luck, probably one great teacher who instilled something, and somehow he succeeded. Then you can scream. “Oh my, Look! The American Dream is alive!  Odds are even greater the one poor kid who succeeded was probably white. A few less doors to kick down.
frustrated student


frutrated student 2

As long as we refuse to FIX our problem of having the biggest gap between rich and poor on the globe, we can’t fix our education system.

For many years I hoped and waited for a “third” political party that would add to the conversation politically. Well, my father always told me to be careful what you wish for.

I got my Third Party, paid for by the ultra-rich and it’s amazing. Maybe the greatest psychological sales job of the millennia. I agree totally with Lewis Black.
Somehow they showed a large group of Americans how to BUST OUT of their double-wides, dress up like Ben Franklin and carry signs that say, “Don’t Tax the Rich!”
Be careful what you wish for.

Here are some facts about our Two-Class society.

If you have a dumb kid, and you are rich, you’re dumb kid will go to a good college.
If you have a smart kid, and you are poor, your smart kid will probably be poor, uneducated past high school and his kids will be the same. Statistics show this to be true. It is a cycle that has been growing for thirty years. Higher profits, more wealthy people. Stagnant wages, more poor people.

Monday I predicted, not what I want, but what I see happening in the near future for our education system. I predicted these things based on the “SYSTEM” that we are operating with.

Folks, it isn’t going to change. Nobody votes, nobody cares.

So, I believe we will have to compromise certain things on both sides of the political spectrum. I believe we can reach this compromise by these proposed changes in our public education system. We have to play with the cards we’re dealt. The last time I saw social change by the people was the ‘70s. I’m too old and tired to march again.

And by the way, that social upheaval of the ‘70s scared the wealthy establishment so much that we got the War on Drugs (how has that worked out), a horrible judicial system of inequality, plea-bargains and prisons bursting with people who shouldn’t be there, and militarized police forces in most cities (how’s that working out). Never again will people taking to the streets change the system. The rulers have that option stopped.

Statistics tell us the most important time to reach and teach a child is Pre-kindergarten. We must have Pre-K in every school for every child. It must be taught in small class sizes of less than 30, and closer to 24, to be effective.

If we can hold to the 24-child size for Pre-K, than increasing class size by one child for each year until fifth grade could work. Fifth grade will have 30 kids per class.

By Junior High the big changes will need to happen. School is competing (and losing) with “Social Media” and we can change that with the huge video screen, interactive well produced, fast moving, exciting learning…all taught by the best of the best teachers on video. Large class rooms in Junior High and High School can be monitored by facilitators. The courses and the teachers will be the best in the USA. Everyone will share them equally. Every school will share them equally, from the barrio to Beverly Hills. Our finest teachers will be in every classroom. There is no reason why learning can’t be a fun experience. Because, really, it is.
I’ve watched dozens of classes of 40 to 60 kids with no disciplinary problems. None. They want to be there. They are enjoying what they are doing. They are playing music together. They are playing sports together. They are poor, middle class and rich. They are all learning the same things together.

We just need to change how we teach math, history and English. It has to be similar to a Social Media gathering. The kids will compete and work with other schools in other parts of the country.
New subjects need to be part of the curriculum. Like my friend Mandy states, kids have to learn how to get along in today’s world. They need business, finance and technology education. The interactive video will also show them how to collaborate with co-workers in all parts of the globe. We must stop teaching our children to live in a world that doesn’t exist.

Wishing and hoping our country will change so we can catch up with the half of the world that’s producing much smarter kids than we are is foolish. We don’t care. Hoping that our politicians will suddenly throw even more money at our education system so we can pay teachers what they deserve is not going to happen. We already spend more than most other countries in the world and our results are horrific.

The High School where I graduated cost my parents $200 per year for me to attend. Today that same school costs $6000 per year. A large group of politicians want to give everyone a voucher so they can attend any school they want.
That really solves the two-class system doesn’t it?

Like Forest’s mother used to say, “Stupid is as stupid does.”
Forest Gump2



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