My New Mi Account

So a brand new online store opened at 10 am this morning. Unfortunately it was 10am eastern time. By the time I opened my account and went online to buy everything they offered…I mean everything…they had sold out.

However they have promised to email me when more product is available.

What is this new business who can’t keep items in stock?
It’s called “Mi.” Yeah, Mi.

It’s part of the new tech giant, Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has taken the world by storm. They have quickly become the 3rd. largest smart-phone maker on the globe, behind Samsung and Apple. All this happened since they opened their doors in 2011. We may not see their phones in the USA because they have the Apple framework and the Android operating system. Both companies have called them copycats.

Their phones are not what I want to buy. Their accessories are not only very cool, but very cheap.

How much does one have to pay for a “Fitbit?” I’ve seen them from $129 to $149. I believe Walmart has a cheap version for $79.

Why not a MiBand? 30-day battery, tracks fitness, sleep, etc. Works for Apple or Android with Bluetooth. Price?  $14.99.
Mi Band

Is your phone always on low battery? You can buy a power bank from that charges your I-5s (four ½ times) or your tablet (one ½ times). They hold a lot of juice. You will never have a dead phone. How much?  $13.99
Mi Power Bank


Finally I love a good set of headphones. They have become overpriced because celebrities (read Dr. Dre) endorse them and now a good set is from $300 to $600. Not for me.

The MiHeadphones come with three sets of replacement pads and great specs, all for $79.99.
Mi Headphones

Yes, I was trying to buy all three products, but they were sold out in a few hours.

I’ll be ready next time. They will be introducing a wearable “GoPro” like camera, an air purifier, a router and a smart TV.

If you want to check them out, here’s their website awaiting new products:

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