My cat has his shots!

I’m watching the parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. Interesting mix of liberals and conservatives. It seems that almost all of these folks make sure their dogs and cats get their shots, just not their kids.

Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Hospital

Since the American Revolution, antiseptics, antibiotics, vaccinations and nutritional advances have all been rejected and fought against. Most of the people doing the fighting claimed we were messing around with God’s plan. Since the American Revolution human life span has doubled.

Most of the time, the medical advances that were rejected and fought against wasn’t by parents, but by the medical community and others who were profiting from the status quo.

If we go immediately to the period after the Revolution, 1796, Edward Jenner proved that cowpox vaccine prevented smallpox. He was ridiculed and mocked until vaccinations were accepted in 1830.

Poor Ignaz: (Ignaz Semmelweis  1816-1865) He was the father of anti-septics. He wasn’t a doctor, but a manger of two birthing hospitals. One catered to poor people and was run by mid-wives. The other was run by doctors. It didn’t take Ignaz long to see that the hospital run by doctors had much higher mortality rates. He took note that the mid-wives were always clean and the doctors seemed to revel prancing around in their blood-spattered aprons. He issued a mandate that everyone had to wash their hands with a chlorinated lime solution (Like our swimming pool chemicals today). He wrote books and gave speeches on hand cleanliness. Not only was he laughed at, one of the leading doctors, Doctor Megis wrote that “doctors are gentlemen and gentlemen’s hands are clean.” The establishment said that Semmelweis was insinuating that ghosts were migrating from doctors’ hands to killing patients.
The establishment had him committed to an asylum and he was beaten, tortured and died in 1865 of an infection preventable with his bleach disinfectant.

In 1871, Joseph Lister touted the use of penicillin in London and was laughed at. In 1875 John Tyndal demonstrated the anti-bacterial action of penicillin fungus for the Royal Society and was ignored. Ernest Duchesne used Penicillin mold in France in 1897 and healed cases of typhus. He wrote about it and they laughed at him.

BUT..In 1945 Doctor Alex Fleming was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. He had used penicillin since 1928 and thousands of lives were saved during WWII by the use of penicillin. Sorry you guys before him.

It doesn’t surprise me that people would rather believe Jenny McCarthy then 95% of the world’s medical establishment.

In my lifetime, 1958, John Lykoudis treated peptic ulcers with antibiotics and wrote about his amazing results. JAMA rejected his writings and claims and indicted and fined him. He was denied patents that would have made him incredibly rich.
Then, in 1982, it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that peptic ulcers were not caused by stress and worry and they were cured by antibiotics. The two scientists who proved it were Barry Marshall and Robin Warren. Unfortunately Big Pharma and the doctors in Big Pharma’s pocket would not allow this information to be publicized. Things were quite profitable the way they were.
Thankfully these two guys would not shut up and kept at it. Finally in 2005 they received the publicity that showed the proof of their findings. They also received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2005.

In the meantime, school’s out for the summer. Before your child heads back to “PUBLIC” school next semester make sure you:child shot

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2 Responses to My cat has his shots!

  1. vince says:

    In the early 1900’s all the proper ladies in the little village of Chalmers, IN all used the same rest-room every day. On ONE particular day, though, they all took their piddles and ended up with a roaring case of crab lice. Perhaps this was God’s way of saying “DISINFECT!” (It was probably even more fun to hear them afterwards speculating on WHO might have made the initial deposit…. could it have been…..SATAN?

    Good Post.

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